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Full Version: AE Content from Mercedes Lackey
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This is actually part of a bigger promotional thing, where NCSoft asked several authors to create arcs in the Mission Editor, but this is the first one that I know specifically about: 

''Mystery On The Boardwalk'' (arc id: 369275).  And for those who miss her series, the contact is Diana Tregarde!

Anyone up for a team run through it?

-- Bob
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I'd love to, as soon as I get a PC up and running with CoH installed on it.
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Wait, if Diana Tregarde is the contact, why does she need our help? She's already one of the biggest Mary Sues that ever sued.
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Because her latest power is that spiffy ring around her feet that makes heroes do her bidding?
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I've played that arc before. And while I love Mercedes Lackey, I have to wonder...

Did she make Diana Tregarde the most annoying, condescending contact ever on -purpose-? Cause seriously, I wanted to SLAP that ...woman, by the end of the arc. And I don't remember her being that way in the books.

Maybe it's her slap in the face to all the weirdos who gave her such hell over that series of books in the first place? The crazy stalkers that freaked her out?
IMO, YMMV, and so forth, but, I think it's more that Mercedes is just that condescending herself and did not manage to (or possibly attempt to) filter it out.  Or perhaps more clearly: Diana Tregarde speaks in Mercedes own voice.
The arc isn't bad but wasn't my cup o' tea.  I'd happily participate in an arc where you strangle Tregarde, though.

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I don't think Mercedes is channeling her own condescension. She -loves- City of Heroes and playing it. She never wrote that way in her posts in the forums. She's never written that way through her main characters. Diana Tregarde herself in the books wasn't like she is here. 
I still think I'm onto something though with the idea that Mercedes may be playing a joke on all those people who took the Diana Tregarde stuff frighteningly seriously. The ones who essentially drove her away from writing any more books in that series for fear of encouraging them. Who would be jumping at the chance to 'work' with Diana Tregarde.  Maybe she's having a bit of an "Anno" moment. "You wanted Diana Tregarde so much, you raving sickos? Well here she is! Choke on it!"
Without having seen her City of Heroes posts (I assume in forums and whatnot, which I avoid like the plague) I can't speak to those, but I have seen Mercedes' public communication on her website and I've heard her speak (video of a con appearance, not in person), and those are what I base my interpretation on.
For her to be as well-liked an author as she is, obviously she has to have a good editor -- and I assume that the editor is very good at smoothing that out.  Or perhaps, when Mercedes has time to review things herself, she fixes it.  But when she's not writing for production purposes, it seems very apparent to me that she's... hmm... rather smugly superior, let's say.
I agree that it doesn't show in her for-pay writing.  And I'm not saying she isn't (in some fashion) entitled to the attitude.  But I agree that this instance of Tregarde is very condescending, and it meshes pretty much perfectly with my mental 'voice' for Mercedes herself based on what I've seen before.  YMMV, as I said.

--"Listening to your kid is the audio equivalent of a Salvador Dali painting, Spud." --OpMegs
I'm not really familiar with the character. I didn't even realise she was a character from Lackey's past work until I saw this thread.

Without that context, I just took the arrogant contact on face value...and assumed she was written as snotty for lolz.

In retrospect - yes, it does seem that Diana Tregarde is out of character, from what I can very dimly remember of the one Tregarde book I read years ago... what that means, I don't know.

But I still think the character was written as she was in the MA for deliberate humour.

Lackey may also be trolling her fans on top of that, but that's another layer of explanation. I still think the MA text, in itself, is simply written for lolz.
-- Acyl