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Full Version: Technical Question
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After eight years of faithful service, my NEC flatscreen has finally died and I bought a new, widescreen ViewSonic. It's very pretty, but when I first tried to run CoX, I tried to set the resolution in the game to match the max resolution for the screen (what I had the desktop on). It turns out that my poor graphics card can't handle this, so I end up with the display going black. I can set the resolution for Windows to something lower, but when I try to get into CoX, it crashes the display again (with an message "Out of Range"). Is there a way to reset the CoX resolution without going into the game?
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You can use the "-screen x y" command-line option to change the resolution at the, well, command line.

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Go to Goggle and search for TweakCoH. Get it. It allows you to fiddle with the resolution and a whole range of options without actually loading the game - Word of caution: Its starting to show its age and may not be fully compatible with all the latest and greatest options.
One thing it *can* do is toggle the Window tag. (-window or -windowed at the command line I think) which frees the game from the confines of the screen. It'll allow you to get in and fiddle with the resolution if you go window and lower resolution that you know your card can handle.
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