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Full Version: Moonrise Over Praetoria
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By chance this afternoon, while taking screen shots for those toons of mine which didn't yet have pages on the Virtueverse wiki, I was lucky enough to have Princess Evangelia positioned just right to see this:
[Image: 5147079259_bb98472d0b_b.jpg]
(For the full-sized image, go here.)
ETA:  After several days, I finally realized that I didn't use the title I actually intended to.  Fixed.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
...Praetoria's moon has an atmosphere?

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"Yes, and it was glorious."
Clearly, the epic-level zones for Pretoria will include the lunar colony....
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I think that's a "halo" effect caused by mistiness/clouds in Praetoria's sky. I see something like that around the real moon every once in a while, after all.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.

dark seraph

wait... dosn't Anti-Matter have a lab up there?

its just "in space" somewhere (having just run the updated arc) not neccecarily on the moon
Hear that thunder rolling till it seems to split the sky?
That's every ship in Grayson's Navy taking up the cry-

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That's interesting, but you know what I wish? I wish they'd add a short cut scene that shows the -outside- of that station. Of you traveling to it.
Actually, that might be difficult to pull off, as they'd have to design a whole bunch of things for that. And animate them. They may in fact be planning on eventually doing just that (as I think they've wanted space-based or moon-based stuff for a long time) but they might not be able to devote the resources currently away from whatever they're doing now.
A more realistic alternative would be not to have a cut-scene per-se, but to have a still image of the station as the loading screen to the mission. Like the loading screens you get as you enter each City Zone. They have random images or partial screenshots that serve as that for generic missions. But I've also seen them "pin" certain images as loading screens to certain specific missions as well. If they just had a concept image painted of the space station and added that in as a load screen to that specific mission, that might help with the sense of immersion to add just the right amount of "Oh THAT's where we're going!" feel to it. Sure, you're still going to wind up in "generic tech lab A-6" but because you had the preview image of the space station, you now can imagine that the lab map is on board that station rather than some random underground area.
One of the things that inspired this line of thinking was an AE arc I ran when a post was made about it on the CoH boards. It was called The Tannhauser Gate (that's a link to the CoH forum post where I saw it, here.)The creator of the arc had actually gone to the trouble of making a voice acted trailer for the story to introduce you to the concepts behind the story. They largely used Orenbega maps (and showed footage of same in the trailer) but they also had a still-image in the trailer that showed a gigantic tower that was where all of the action was taking place within. And I must say just having that one image really helped in the immersion factor.
SAAAAAAY... (light bulb gets brighter still)
Maybe that is something to ask the Devs if they could give us for Architect mission design that would actually be DOABLE with the current tech!
Allow us as mission designers in AE to select specific load screens for our missions! 
Like - say, if you have a mission that you've designed where you're going to the map of Atlas that has the fashion show in it? That you can select the load screen that goes with it. Or have load screens that involve themes of villain groups. If you're going up against Circle of Thorns, have an image of one of the more picturesque sections of Oranbega as the load screen. Or if you've set up a mission in a tech lab in Neutropolis, in addition to the text telling the players where they are going, you could show them the specific part of town they are going to. Even though they won't necessarily see the outside of the tech lab. By showing them a still image of the neighborhood it's located at in the form of a load screen, then you've given the players of your mission more of a sense of "we traveled through this area to get here."
I wonder if we could add custom images to our missions? Hmmm... No wait... no that's not doable...  Any imagery in the game has to be generated from the game engine or included as pigg file images stored on each person's game client. In order to add custom images, even simple ones, to An AE mission arc would require... well, a complete re-write of the game engine and a public place to store files and such that the game client could access.
Still, being able to access specific loading screens that already exist in the game client and "pin" them to the front of missions would help greatly in ways I've mentioned above.
What do you think? I could clean up this post and post it in the official Mission Architect forums and see if it gets a good response.
That's not a bad idea at all.

Hmm. Pity we can't generate cutscenes, either...
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.

dark seraph

i would of made at least 2 more AE missions if we did have cut sceens.... *had a good dib rant planed*

Yeah, cut scenes are apparently still on the Dev Teams list of 'things that are an utter bitch to make'. The engine isn't designed for them, they have to pull off a lot of awkward tricks and cheats with the code, and they haven't been able to streamline it yet like they did with their own mission design system (Which led to us getting MA). I suspect they're working on it, if only to stop the mission designers from tearing their hair out in frustration. Smile
As I remember, when people asked for cutscenes though the MA, the response was "I wouldn't wish that hell on anyone"

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>Analects: Book V, Chaper XXVI
Really? That hard? I would think it could be handled with mechanisms already in place, with a plaintext script. Since the characters are already placed automatically by the architect system, you don't have to define the setting or background, you just use where they already are. So all you'd really need to do would be to override the "camera feed" to the player and then run a script that might look something like this:

subject=(toon selected from mission enemies)

shot=(wide, long, medium, closeup)


emote=(emote from standard listing)

iterated as many times as you want individual shots -- probably with a limit of 20 or so just to keep from encouraging filmmaking.

In the interests of simplicity, the "camera" would always face the selected subject directly -- no high, low or angle-to-the-side shots, except as forced by the layout of the map area they're standing in -- and that's also something already in the code.

Of course this wouldn't let you do things like Rommy's empowerment, but it would allow good basic scenes like the ones you see in Frostfire and the Praetorial.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.