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Full Version: TF Scheduling: Scorched Earth Reichsman TF
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So, with Reichsman being the new WST, I've been contemplating drop totals. Reichs is incredibly easy to speed run (51 minutes on a PuG yesterday, featuring only one Thermal corr for debuffs), but it also has one of the largest concentrations of mobs in the game.
So, Saturday afternoon, I'm planning the opposite. This won't be a fast TF, but I'm looking for data. So I'm proposing something similar to what people have done on ITFs: clearing every map of every last mob.
That includes wiping out the entire exterior of City Hall, Boomtown, Axis Earth, and the interior of Reichsman's fortress.
To speed matters, I intend to bring Nene along on this, so that Fulcrum Shift can properly lubricate our damage cap gears.
Timing is probably going to be some time after 3PM PST on Saturday. Not looking to take slot reservations or anything (I suspect people will be there anyway in the channel alone), but just letting people know what they're getting into.
But I say we put a bit of a dent into the 5th's recruiting numbers, hmm?
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Darn it! If only you weren't doing this on a Saturday! Your proposed starting time is PRECISELY when my gaming group gets together. 
Otherwise I'd bring along Cyberman 8 or Lora'Lai for massive damage potential or Kara Skye for extra boosts to layer on for speed/damage etc.
(As an aside, I recently ran a TF with the SD Paragon Group where I brought Lora'Lai along mainly because I'd been neglecting her of late. Cappy brought along his Warshade Astro Girl.
You know what stands up to a Peacebringer and a Warshade both working together?
Trick question!  NOTHING. It was really quite frightening how well we stomped them, even when separated from the rest of the group! I'm inclined to ask - "WHEN did the devs actually make Khelds bad-ass again?")
I'd love to be part of this, but Peg and I are going to be gone all day Saturday. Dammit.

Especially since Dren-Build Evangelia + Incarnate Goodies = badguy blender. I mean... I was on an ITF yesterday with Eva, and after taking down Romulus and getting the valuable prizes, 6 of the team took off while a tanker and Eva stayed behind to clear the map by themselves. And did it. Fast. There was a moment where Eva was inside a mob of those big burly bosses in black armor, can't remember what they're called, and she was mowing them down quicker than new ones could join the fight...
-- Bob
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If I'm on at the time I'd gladly participate in the murder of hundreds of Reich's goons Big Grin
I really need to do Mender Ramiel's thing first and get my Alpha slot opened up....
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I probably can be there, on Saturday, but I'll likely not be poking around the game much if I don't know when to be there. Will away, and on a satelite connection and laptop of DOOOOOM. So while I can play, I'll don't think I'll just be hanging around waiting for things to happen.

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Sadly got a LONG shift at work... I can be there for like... 9 eastern? I think.
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I'm going to be working until 10pm pacific on Saturday... but Sunday is open. Would Sunday afternoonish be better for anybody else than Saturday?
Better for me, at least.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
I'll be there for your 4th, assuming you can't fill it with channelgoers, Ops.
So confirmed here alone we'll have Smashie Hanagawa, Pointy-Stick Catgirl, Nega-End Nene, and whomever I bring.  Hm.  Could bring Bill for even more pointy stick action, or The Dog Who Ate Everything if we think we need a tank for Laughing Boy.
Well, we can figure it out.

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Well, given the amount of interest, it's entirely possible we can do two of these, one Saturday, and one Sunday.
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I can provide not a tank blapperage on saturday. Sunday is a day I spend mostly with church and family after about noon pst
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I can bring the Atomic Amazon for that healthy green glow, if it's on Saturday.
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