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Full Version: Tales of the Legendary: Growth Spurt
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“Dammit, did it shrink in the wash or something?” The irritated grumbling was followed up by the sound of heavy footsteps, as someone stumbled around the room for a few moments. Looking up from the comic she was reading (Paragon Sabers: User Error issue three), Sammy glanced down the hallway at her sisters bedroom door, ears twitching curiously. "Fit!" This time, it was almost a snarl, and Sammys eyebrows raised. This was much more interesting then a comic about Aunt Nene and Sylia beating up Praetorians. It had one of the things Sammy enjoyed the most... potential to tease and annoy her sister. Alice never hesitated to return the favor, and lately the purple-haired catgirl had been winning the ‘war’.

Quietly, she slid off the couch and snuck down the hallway. Alice sounded distracted, but the other catgirl did have impressive hearing. Not quite as good as Sammys, the catgirl would always insist, and may even be true, but close enough for government work, as Aunt Robin always said. (Whatever THAT meant.) So, as quietly as possible, feet lightly touching the carpet, and most certainly NOT humming the tune from that impossible mission show, Sammy made her way to Alices bedroom door. The sound of what had to be Alice tripping over her bed and knocking over her bookshelf made Sammy blink, but it gave her the time to grab the door handle and turn it without getting caught. As Alice snarled in frustration, Purrfect Scrapper waited a moment, then made her move.

Throwing the door open, she stepped through the doorway, then stopped, taking in the sight of Alive Romanova, leaning against the wall next to the bookshelf in nothing but a struggling set of underwear and a pair of jeans that were so small they couldn’t even make it up over her thighs. “Don’t you knock?” the girl snarled, trying again to tug the pants up further. The denim protested the move to the point that they actually tore, and Alice swore, hopping over to the bed and trying to pull them back off instead.

“I do sometimes, just like everyone asks, well, more demands in a really grumpy voice but sometimes I forget to do it or just like this time I was trying to be sneaky and I guess I was because you didn’t know I was coming and what’re you doing?” Alice gave her an irritated look as she managed to get the jeans off. “I mean, it looks like you’re trying to get into clothes that are way too small for you, but that doesn’t really make much sense. I mean, you’re way bigger then Aunt Nene and Ifrit, you’d know not to try wearing their clothes because you know it wouldn’t work, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t fit into mine either, and Aunt Neko’s would be way too big for you-” she paused to take a breath, and was interrupted by Alice throwing the jeans at her.

Catching them, Sammy looked at them curiously, Alice sighing and dropping back on the bed. The tag inside said Alice, they were the size the other catgirl usually brought, and now that Sammy thought about it, this pair looked familiar. She’d seen Alice wearing them before, maybe a month ago. So, either they’d shrunk, and Aunt Ifrit was hardly the sort to be so careless to let them be shrunk by accident. Looking at them for a moment, Sammy considered the evidence before her, and came to a conclusion. “You’ve had another growth spurt, haven’t you?” she asked, expression slightly evil.

Groaning, Alice grabbed a pillow and shoved it over her head, hoping to block Sammys voice. It wasn’t successful, and even if it had been, Sammy would have kept on talking anyway. “You have!” she laughed. “Oh, you’re getting bigger then ever. Taller, wider... bit more around here?” she asked, leaning forward and poking Alices butt with a finger. “Gotta be careful there. Inyme may be into housecats more then tigers-” The other girl sat up, snarling at Sammy, the reaction far angrier then Sammy had expected. The girl actually made a surprised “eep!” and jumped back across the room. “Sorry, sorry, just teasing!”

“Well, stop it,” she growled, then the flash of anger vanished and she dropped back onto the bed. “This is bad enough already.”

“What, why?” Sammy wondered, going over and sitting down next to her (Carefully). “I mean, it’s not that bad. You’re not as tall as Aunt Neko, and there’s a lot of really tall people, especially in Paragon these days.”

“And if I have another growth spurt, I’ll be taller then her,” Alice groaned. “And I don’t like being big. People keep looking at me weird, and I feel funny having to look down at people, and I just feel miserable anyway.” She sighed. “Liked being smaller. Now I feel all weird.”

Sammy considered that for a moment. “You look right to me,” she noted. Alice gave her an odd look, and she shrugged. “First time I saw you like this, I thought you were an eight foot tall amazon, a powerful warrior tigress.” She shrugged again, smiling. “So you should be big and strong. It’s what you’re meant to be.”

“A tigress,” Alice said skeptically, although there was a faint smile showing.

“Uh-huh. Queen of the Hollows, savior of trapped kittens. That’s my Purrfect Archer.”

“You are a total sap, you know that?” Alice noted, but she was really smiling now.

Sammy rolled her eyes. “It’s not my fault everyone has to be all grumpy and miserable. I’m just making you feel better, and if that means telling you the truth and reminding you that I think you’re really great, then I’ll tell you you’re really great.” Studying Alices improving mood, Sammy considered the situation, then pushed on. “And while you’re clearly turning into a big clumsy ‘Great Cat’, nowhere near as awesome as us normal catgirls, I still think you’re really great.”

“Nowhere near as awesome,” Alice said, her voice flat and unamused, but the smile on her face and the twitching of her tail suggested she was anything but that.

“Oh, absolutely,” Sammy said, getting off the bed and moving towards the door. “Proper catgirls are cute, smart, talented, all in a small, normal sized package. The ‘Great Catgirls’ are big, heavy,” Alice began to growl, although she was still obviously amused, “eat way too much, clumsy, not really that smart-mya!” she finished, bolting out the door as Alice roared in a way no housecat could and lunged.

The pair ran down the hallway, Alice on all fours for a moment, Sammy vaulting the couch and heading for the open window. “Too slow Tiger!” she called over her shoulder, only to yelp in surprse as Alice tackled her, sending them crashing across the living room floor and into the couch.

In her bedroom, Nene opened an eye. “What was that?”

“Kids being kids,” Ifrit replied, pulling Nene back down. “Sleep.”
as always *squees* from the cute Smile

is this change to reflect the new beast pack coming out, and changes made to Alice's model?
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Beast pack hasn't had much effect on Alice, aside from the game being able to show how she'll occasionally run on all fours. This is more about the last 'growth spurt' I gave her, representing the fact she's a growing teenager, but instead of about six-thee like I aimed for in Icon, she seems to be more six-seven at least, around Sachies side. Which led to me wondering how she'd react to the fact she's more a tiger then a housecat Smile and Sammy, well she's always a brat, but she's still Alices sister.
Alice needs to meet Victoria. Confronted with an eight-and-a-half-foot tall, nuclear-powered, purple-skinned Amazon is a guarantee to make you feel short. (Victoria: "Well, I'm glad that I get some use out of being one of the tallest people in the damn city, oh Writer-God of Mine. Now, if I could find a guy who can look me in the eye who isn't a fascist werewolf or an alien invader, I'll be set!")
Ebony the Black Dragon

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After Vicky says that, RillyRillyBigMan walks by...

RRBM: Good morning! I can show you how to make a top with two paper plates and a PENCIL!
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heh. And in comparison, there's Shortimer, who had his height sliders cranked all the way DOWN instead of up. when he unleashes KO blow it looks like he uppercuts said fascists in the Groin. No wonder they then go flying and just sorta lay there going Medic afterwards
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Quote:there's Shortimer, who had his height sliders cranked all the way DOWN instead of up.
Likewise St. Trinians Girl is minimum female size on all sliders... And she gets the same uppercut effect, only with a shileleigh/hockey stick. Can you say "owie", boys and girls? Nice try.
-- Bob
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