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Full Version: Shadowwalker
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Hey Bob? Been lurking in Mark's topic over in the DW general forum. When he posted the Shadowwalker pics, I logged into CoH to tinker with the costume creator and see if I could come up with another version of Shadowwalker. IIRC I tried to do this a few years ago, but neither the costume pieces or the powers available would match the concept. 

Well now we have Sonics. And if you made her a defender, you could have Sonics/Sonics. So that part is covered. 

But I was surprised when I went carefully though the options and noticed one I had TOTALLY MISSED. And I'm pretty sure it's relatively new. It's an Eye Option (Detail 1) called "Sonic Vision". 

Holy crap! 



Anyway - here's a screenshot or two. 

[Image: SWalker.jpg]

[Image: swalker2.jpg]

What do you think? More importantly - what does Peggy think?
She's asleep right now, but I'll show her later. I have made my own attempts at a COH Shadowwalker -- with a low long ponytail -- but I never saw that "sonic vision" option before -- I'm going to have to take a good look at it.

Oh, and just for the name, I actually have Warshadowwalker on one of the non-Virtue servers somewhere...
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
Here's an alternative - how about the 'Scanner' face detail, which is meant to be a solid 'blind' plate anyway? It's the one that was made for Praetorian Seers.

Granted, it doesn't look so good in all-black, but in grey:-

[Image: shadowwalker1.jpg]
[Image: shadowwalker2.jpg]
[Image: shadowwalker3.jpg]

Logan's probably right about the topknot hair option, though. As for character build - it's probably worth noting that blasters and corruptors have the sonic powerset too. Heck, you could even claim Kinetic Melee is sonic vibrational attacks or something. Which would let you, I dunno, make a Kin Melee/Nin stalker or somesuch. Or Kin/SR scrapper. Something like.
-- Acyl