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Full Version: CoH inspired Pictures
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I take inspiration where I can get it.  Sometimes, City of Heroes inspires me.
This is an old picture of a Hero character, based on a CoX Fire Controller:
[Image: FireBrandiDress04.jpg]
Recently, I made a joke about my Summoner, Aurora, being a CoX MasterMind:
(rough picture, still being rendered)
Edit:  Deleted original, wrong naming convention.  Updated picture after another thousand samples
[Image: RoughJ.jpg]
Niiiice botz! Which of course reminds me of a few kvetches I have about MM's...

Would be nice to have alternate ones, or even just being able to make like botz recolorable. Dont have to change their powers, just their models/colors
Hear that thunder rolling till it seems to split the sky?
That's every ship in Grayson's Navy taking up the cry-

-- "No Quarter", by Echo's Children
This is Carmen "Blue Electron" Alexandros.  My very first CoX character (yet still not 50) made in the 3-day pre-launch all those many, many years ago.  This is the third itteration of her.
[Image: Carmen01.jpg]
[Image: Carmen02.jpg]
After playing with the lights, I think I like this, dusk-version of Aurora's picture better.
[Image: RoughDuskGlareJ.jpg]


Wow! Nice work Mark!
Quote:Baseload wrote:

Wow! Nice work Mark!
Thank you.
Here's a more recent version of Brandi.  It was a better quality, but I was never as happy with it.  Also, this is more of her Hero version (since she has 4 monkeys).
[Image: BrandiShimizu.jpg]
*Applause* Excellent work. What program you using?
I use Daz 3d with Reality 1.25 and Lux 0.8RC3.
Here's a Lux version of Carmen.
[Image: BlueElectronJ.jpg]
Here is one of my old Radiation Defenders, Rad Vixen.
[Image: RadVixenJ.jpg]
I've been working on a version of Anastasia Cross, based on the Celestial Armor set.  So, this would be her in her Hellion Armor.
[Image: HellionJ.jpg]
It's at 13,000 samples after a week, and still has more to go (caustics take a lot of processing power to get right).