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Full Version: Yukiyo's Return - A short thing I wrote in a few minutes
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The Hunterminator

While getting ready to go to bed, this
started to bounce around my brain so there you have it, people, a
quick little thing about Yukiyo's return to Paragon City.


Apparently, in hell, temporary
reassignment didn't mean, as Yukiyo had thought, that you were sent
somewhere else for several weeks and then sent back to where you had
already done quite a bit of good work so you could finish the job.
No, apparently, they meant nearly two years. Still, that was done
with and she was finally back to Paragon city. Apparently, the only
reason she was even getting sent back was that, suddenly, the amount
of people summoning demons and daemons had suddenly increased.

Whatever the reason, though, it was
really great. The war walls were as shiny as ever, the city as noisy
as ever and Statesman was on a rooftop with the rest of the freedom
phalanx in new costumes and was cackling evilly and saying something
about Praetoria, whatever that was. Wait... that was new... Oh well,
things were bound to change after all, “Hey Statesman, love the new

As she flew off, the firey mage didn't
see Emperor Cole's flabbergasted expression or noticed the barely
restrained chuckles from the other Praetorians.


By the time Yukiyo managed to take care
of all the paperwork related to her sudden return, night had already
fallen. Really, the mage felt it had been far too long but apparently
there had been an invasion of some kind in progress and that had
delayed the already slow bureaucracy of Paragon city to a glacial

She'd eventually been given all the
equipment and identification she'd need to continue her heroing
career and, looking forward to some sleep, the mage returned at last
to the Legendary's base. It had changed so much though and Yukiyo
simply had to explore, marvelling at all the new things, there was
even a POOL now. Still, once all was said and done, she really needed
some rest and, yawning, she went to where her room had been and hit
her first snag.

The tiny room she'd used to sleep in
was gone, replaced by an office of all things. True, it was a very
nice office but still... Dejected, the mage wandered the base for a
time, trying to think of a solution when she noticed a room she
hadn't explored yet. Curious, Yukiyo peeked in and was greeted by a
well stocked library. Her lips stretched to the sides nearly on their
own as a wide grin split the firestarter's face and, before long,
she'd set up a collapsible bed in a corner, lit a lamp and had begun
to read, determined to see everything this new source of always
treasured knowledge had to offer.

It wouldn't be before people began to
move around the base that she'd realise that she'd spent the entire
night reading instead of sleeping as she'd intended.
Neat little tie in for Yukiyo. People are probably going to be surprised when she pops out of where she was hiding... Especially if she usurped Rey's room. Wink
If memory serves me right Didn't Yukiyo and Katy Kaboom have some sort of strange friendship?

The Hunterminator

They never met in game but did meet in a bit of fiction. And Yukiyo didn't usurp a room, she found the same Library I found in the base and set up camp in there. But yeah, I bet the reactions would be great, and I'm hoping a few will reply to this with little written stuff linked to this.
Nice. Fair warning though: Should word that a member of the Legendary is crashing in the base in less-than-ideal circumstances reach the ears of a certain Mexican-American luchador, Yukiyo may find herself suddenly with accomodations in the barrio in Kings Row. Which is a lot nicer than it sounds, since Numero Catorce lives in the area and the crime rate is remarkably low (you'd be surprised how many criminals react positively to a distinctly large man in a green mascara de lucha politely asking them to take their shenanigans elsewhere ... or, given the number of Skulls that Numero Catorce has hospitalized, perhaps you wouldn't be). Of course, this means that Yukiyo would find herself right in the center of an active Hispanic community, fully intent on making Numero Catorce's teammate as welcome as possible. (I hope Yukiyo likes posole and menudo.) To say nothing of the rampant speculation about the relationship between her and their local hero. (Numero, of course, has nothing but the most noble and honorable intentions. As something of a Den Mother for the Legendary, he has this weird idea that heroes should be well-fed and have a proper place to sleep.)
Ebony the Black Dragon

"Good night, and may the Good Lord take a Viking to you."

dark seraph

Ebony, did you forget, the legendary has 4 aprtments now (2 of them claimed Tongue ) so I bet Yukiyo could find a place to crash. Tongue

The Hunterminator

Well, none really fit Yukiyo though. Yukiyo's appartment needs to be full of books, with piles of books serving as bookshelves and such.

And if Numero Catorce really does that, Yukiyo will be both delighted and embarrassed by it.
I do find it funny that the one room Yukiyo would find to read in was Shizuru's office.  I know it Looks like a library, but its her space. 
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when the twilight calls and the dark lord falls
our glory will prevail

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The Hunterminator

I'm pretty sure it's a library. Yes, I saw the office and it looks like a library, but that looked an awful lot like a dedicated library to me. Actually, you know what? Give me a minute and I'll take a screenshot.

*boots up CoH*

There, this is the library I'm talking of: http://img.photobucket.co...shot_110703-08-38-00.jpg
*Sheepish Look*

Er... The reason it looks like a library? *raises hand* That's my fault. I thought that was the way that room was supposed to be when I first saw it. I didn't know it was supposed to be Shizuru's office! In fact, I made a second set of admin offices near Evangelia's main office on over by the Dojo because I didn't understand what Dren was up to! 

Not to say it can't be both an office area AND a library of course. 

(It was also one of my earliest attempts at multi-level room design.)

The Hunterminator

Well, after talking with (and getting a quick from) Logan, it IS Shizuru's office it seems, despite looking a hell of a lot like a library. So Yukiyo read on one of the couches in Shizuru's office, thinking it was a library.