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Full Version: Where's Eb?
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On RIFT, for one, but not just because I like the game. I haven't been back on CoX because the updater won't load. I'm working with NCSoft's support to figure out what's going on, but the launcher tells me that it cannot contact the update server. I suspect that this resulted from me installing a copy of PC Tools Spyware Doctor and then uninstalling it, because AVG was not catching something. However, I have no idea how to fix the issue. I would welcome any ideas. RIFT is entertaining, but it lacks the community that the Legendary has.
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Try a program called Ccleaner by Piriform. Its a small but efficent program that lets you clean up..well. Crap off your computer, good for rooting out and deleting unused registry values which may have been left behind by uninstalled programs.

NCSoft just made it so you have to use the NCSoft launcher and not the dedicated CoH launcher. As of today.
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