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Full Version: New Lore... Sweet Sweet Revenge.
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I was perusing my facebook when i saw this about an hour old (as of this Posting)  You guys from the Sutter last night might enjoy this.
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[Image: strikersetcfinal9_th.jpg]

dark seraph

... Holy shit...

Did not expect that last bit in Pretoria. The Emporer is not the compleat monster I orignaly thought him to be.

Cole's always been a pragmatic monster. Duray's choice of tactic is a horribly stupid one if you intend to occupy the area you're conquering, much less if Primal and Ppraetorian Devouring Earth start interbreeding.

Cole was perfectly fine with executing every superpowered being on Primal Earth. His only real objection to using the DE is because he can't *control* them.
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But by taking the 'civilian life' angle, in front of the troops, it only helps his reputation in their eyes. Clever.

Note that he's still using Duray on the front lines.

dark seraph

Matrix Dragon Wrote:Note that he's still using Duray on the front lines.
Or he just had them send him a few punching bags, he sounded like he still had a little anger to work off.

... And that's why he's Colonel Duray. One does not fight a war of occupation and conquest using biological agents. It endangers your troops and galvanizes the resistance.
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