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Full Version: Base Details "broken"
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You might notice something odd about the Legendary base these day if you pay attention. All the stuff that had logos on it is gone. That was me. 

Apparently there is a major bug that has caused anything object in bases that uses a logo  -  which include banners, holograms, and glass dividers - to default to the "Biohazard" logo. And it can't be changed or altered from that.

I removed all objects in the base that had (emphasis on the past tense - HAD) our logo on it. So yeah - all the "glass" is gone. Including all the sliding doors. The banners, the floor panels with logos, etc. 

I did this on the off chance that it might be a base-wide bug that could be "reset" if nothing in the base had a logo on it. I'm pretty sure I got everything. But no luck. The logos still can't be changed. 

So I'm going to have to come up with solutions for windows and doors and floor panels that don't use logos. Until I do, things like shower stalls and the like are essentially "broken" and don't look right.

Send all complaints and brickbats and razzes to the Devs.
I dunno, I think you should have left some of them.  The showers, at least.
Sammy: *toweling off, whistling*
Alice: *blinks at shower doors*  Um, Sammy?
Sammy: Hmm?
Alice: Did you just take a shower ... in there? *points*
Sammy: Yep!  *doubletakes* AAAH MY FUR I'm going to become the toxic avenger I'm going to be ugly I'm going to be mangy who changed that AAAH this sucks!

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Okay, Logan, I know this is going to sound bad, but...

For the first time *ever*, I popped into base, tried to take a right to the Teleporter room, and *did* *not* immediately smack into the glass dividers around the portal dais.

When the bug gets fixed can you, er, not put those back?
Hm. I think those were there, other than for their decorative value, in order to force hypothetical raid parties to bottleneck coming off the pad. Given that raiding is just not happening, and given that Eva's smacked her nose on the glass like an overenthusiastic puppy more than a few times herself, I feel there is some merit in your request. Then again, I really liked how they looked...
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
Maybe I'll just put -one- set of them back up then? The set on the other side closer to the desk? And not put back the ones over near the Teleport bay. And ah... I've smacked my face into those as well. But I thought it was just me... 

"But they look so cool, there! I don't want to 
delete them if it's just my clumsiness!"
Of somewhat tangent interest: I promoted ZK's "Player 1." character up to Base Edit position since he canned the char he had in the SG. Don't freak out o.o

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I just thought Rhea and Liza had happy-fun time in the bases, and the emergency system was letting people not immune to radiation to stay out Smile

dark seraph

*Legendary apartmetn block enters lockdown*
PA: Warning, Bio hazard detected, warning, bio hazard detected.
Neph: thats the 5th time this week, Don't they have there own place for that?


From the Forums regarding this problem:

"The Development Team is currently working on a resolution for this issue. Once a fix has been completed and tested, it will be made available in a future patch to the live servers. "

Translation: "We don't care enough to fix it now, so look for it in I22 or I23."
Aparently, the only two logos that work ATM are Biohazard and Bull's eye.

Also Zwillinger said on UStream there are "plans for Base Building" but didn't say what or when, only "it's not base raiding".
Or they're working their asses off, they don't have a clue what caused it, it's been added to the big list of 'bugs to fix first chance we get', and it'll appear in one of the random fix patches that come out almost weekly.
Considering how much love* has been given to bases since they were added to the game I go with the pessimistic assessment that Ran-san does. 

(*i.e. Almost none. Sarcasm not directed at anyone here. More at the situation in general. I'd direct it at the devs in question - except that I don't honestly think there ARE any devs that work on bases.)