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Full Version: Joining The Legendary
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Hello all. Smile I'm thinking of picking up CoH and I just remembered that you all have a good community going here. So I thought that it wouldn't hurt to ask if you all wouldn't mind me, a CoH newbe, joining up. Just let me know what I need to do to qualify for membership and I'll be happy to get'r done. My reason for wanting to join is from what I see I think you all seem like a good group of people to show me the ropes Smile
We'd be happy to help! No real qualifications needed, just a positive outlook.

To find us, use the command /chan_join "The Legendary" Once you set up a window, just give us a holler, and we'll be there.
And don't forget to make your toon on Virtue.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
It's probably worth explaining a little here, in an attempt to be helpful - assuming, since this thread is a couple days old, that it hasn't already been explained in-game already. These days, "membership" in The Legendary merely implies hanging out on the global channel. It doesn't even necessarily involve playing on Virtue server, though if you actually want to...y'know, play with most other folks, then it's a good idea.

But the channel community includes folks who play frequently or even primarily on other servers.

Many folks on the channel will have at least one character in the original Legendary (or evil counterpart, Infamous) supergroup, though this isn't actually any sort of requirement by this point. There are several SGs loosely associated with the community by now, such as Ops and Uni's Riot Force, Ran's Virtue League, the Dojo, etc. Some folks owe primary allegiance to groups outside this community entirely - they just hang with us - and that's cool too.
-- Acyl