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Full Version: Titan Weapons, a glimps
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dark seraph

fresh from the interwebs, the animations of our new powerset.


And a few shots from the character creator:

Fusion Hammer
Razor Sword
Garage Band
Concrete Mallet
Railroad Spike
Minotaur Axe
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Must resist temptation to re-roll toons... must resist...


Am I the only one that looks at Titan Weapons, and just goes "Meh"?
I agree with the people who wanted the buick onna stick ala jurassic. Though I can see why they went with the 'rock hammer' as its already in the game.
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Having tried out the beta

Having looked at the material, I'm mostly 'meh' myself -- but not because of the powerset, but because I can't think of a good concept that appeals to me for a character to use said weapons.  In short, I think the idea of swinging around a weapon that weighs more than you do is silly.  Very silly, sir!

That said, I'm totally using Fusion Hammer on one character I have, because fucking Fusion Hammer, that's why.  (even if the powerset itself leaves me cold)

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dark seraph

I have a toon that may get rerolled it titan weapons gets smething like a giant Kopesh or something similar, I have heard that all the weapons are not in beta yet... so I'm still hoping. Smile

The only concept I can really think of is an expy of Vita from Nanoha swinging the jet-engine-onna-stick.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
I'm actually disappointed by the animations. I guess it makes sense for them to be slow and ponderous, emphasising the weight of the weapons...

...but on some level, I guess I really wanted something more similar to Champions Online's interpretation of the same concept...which is really more of a buzzsaw juggernaut of death kinda thing, wham WHAM WHAAAAAAAAM in quick succession. Or just a ka-WHAAAM and flames, earth-cracking, whatever. 

I'll still make at least one Titan Weapons character, but I'm probably going to do a lot less with it than I'd anticipated. I do like the weapon models and particularly the taunt animation, though.
-- Acyl

dark seraph

the taunt reminds me of Sifer from FF8 Tongue

I suspect many of those animations are the Momentum-less versions of the animations.  Momentum is a new mechanic for the powerset, where after your first attack connects, you get Momentum for 5 seconds.  While you have Momentum, your attacks animate with faster, alternate, versions of their animations. 
This theory comes from the fact that two of the powers require you to have Momentum to use, and I only noticed two attack animations that didn't have that ponderous windup.  I don't have Beta installed to personally verify however.
Edit to add: I also recall hearing on the official forums that there may be an animation bug with the fusion hammer, where you strike the ground with the rocket end instead of the flat end. >.>


dark seraph Wrote:the taunt reminds me of Sifer from FF8 Tongue
Wow, you're right! I'd completely forgotten how that looked!
That's what I thought the taunt looked like too. '.'

As for the animations... check out this video, which shows the animations for both with and without momentum.

Haven't thought of any concepts for the set yet, but making a TW stalker really sounds like fun...



Well, they look interesting IMO, though I'm not fond of most of the weapon choices. I like the Axe, sword, and hammer, and that's about it. Something like a large Naginata or heavy polearm style weapon would have been a nice addition.

Not sure then if Lady Iron will be rerolled with Titan Weapons or if I'll wait to see what Staff Fighting gives us.
Titan weapons are not being made available to stalkers at this time. Tankers, Brutes, Scrappers only at the moment.
But they should be! Because then we'd get to have conversations like this:

"How the hell do you sneak up on people with a sword that's bigger than my entire body?"

"Because I'm a ninja. *ninja*"


dark seraph

Quote:[b][b][b]Morganni[/b][/b] wrote:[/b]

But they should be! Because then we'd get to have conversations like this:
"How the hell do you sneak up on people with a sword that's bigger than my entire body?"
"Because I'm a ninja. *ninja*"
How the hell do you sneak up on some one with a jet engine?


Silent running?
A wizard did it.

Baseload Wrote:Silent running?
Bruce Dern? Calling Bruce Dern on the white courtesy phone... Bruce Dern... 

In case the reference gets past you...
Incidentally, there's a post on the forum saying people can get TW from the beta market now, instead of having to get a rep to unlock it.


dark seraph

Still waiting to see what 3 rumored weapons are, Rullaruu, Vanguard and a Scyth. Smile

In case anyone is confused by this like I was: TW isn't appearing in the set list with a market icon the way Street Justice does if you haven't purchased it, but if you go into the market it's there as one of the powersets available for purchase.


dark seraph

Found on surprisingly enough, the Penny Arcade forums.

[Image: coxanweaponset.jpg]

I like Smile

dark seraph

So Titan weapons went live, I grabbed it... then had to deal with about 50 tells going "WTF? when did that go live?" Tongue

the pack has the original 6 weapons, with the 4 extra being in a 0 cost weapon booster pack.

Have fun boys and girls. Big Grin

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