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Full Version: Glass walls in the base
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Right, so... for the last 15 minutes or so, there's been two quotes going through my head from Babylon 5.  Both from Ivanova:
"I know, I know. It's a Russian thing. When we're about to do something
stupid, we like to catalog the full extent of our stupidity for future
and -
"I can only conclude that I'm paying off karma at a vastly accelerated rate."
You'll recall that in a moment of irrationality, I removed almost all the "glass" surfaces in the base? Well Sofa called me on it over in this thread. And he was right, because that wasn't rational. So I figured, despite all the weirdness with having the Radiation Hazard symbols all over everything, that I'd put the stuff all back. (oh and open up the base editing privileges while I was at it.)
I figured that the devs pay no attention whatsoever to bases, so the bug would never get fixed. I had worked myself up to a pretty righteous (or self-righteous - take your pick) anger over it. I may have even said words to the effect that I'd put real money on that this bug would last until the end of the game.
Well I was wrong.
The glass got fixed... sort of...
Now none of the base options that include symbols have ANY symbols on them. At least that I can see. It's still broken in the sense that you can't create anything with a symbol on it.
[Image: screenshot_111022-18-13-18.jpg]
But in a way, that's almost a better option that originally having the symbols at all! Now you can create glass walls with no symbols! I don't know if this is going to last forever or not. But it does prove I was wrong about the devs in the sense that they weren't even trying to fix bases.
I'm actually... pretty pleased about this.
(By the way, do any of you recommend a particular cooking method for Crow? Baked? Fried? Sauteed?)

dark seraph

I sujest with old boots. Tongue
Edit: Also, after looking at the blank glass in the base..... I honestly hope we never get the SG logo's back, this looks better Big Grin


I agree on one hand, and don't on the other. The lack of logos I like for the glass partitions, but not for the banners, floor tiles, and holodisplays. Virtue League Base, which uses only the last three, still didn't feel right, and I removed said items from the base (there were only about 5 items, mostly wall banners which look really odd there with no logo).
As for crow, I find "Kentucky Fried" to be good. I was pretty pessimistic on this getting fixed initially, too. But when it was addressed in both the Known issues page, and stated by the devs "a fix is on it's way" on the UStream, I shut up about it. I'm still not happy with how slow the response has been to all the I21 bugs. The Known Issues list keeps getting bigger, and little if nothing has disappeared from it.

As this "fix" wasn't in the patch notes, I doubt this is the end fix. However, I'm hoping it prompts us to pressure the devs into giving us plain glass dividers or only let us place "new" stuff with logos. Then again, the Devs have stated "New cool stuff" for bases is on the horizon, so we'll see.
Braised. Best way to infuse flavors and get all that tough connective tissue to break down without drying it out.
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