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Full Version: Taking a leave for a couple of weeks.
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Hey all,
You may have noticed, but it seems I'm getting frustrated more and more in game of late.
Well, I think I'm suffering the first stages of COH burnout. I've been playing 10-12 hours a day since late June/early July, and I think I need a rest.
Anarchy Online is patching their Halloween stuff in game tomorrow, so I think I'll mosey over there and spend a couple weeks over there killing Uncle Pumpkin Head, and trying the last couple of patches I ignored since AO's Anniversary in June.
I'll probably check the stores on Tuesdays for goodies, but that's about it.
See you in a couple of weeks.
Mmm probably for the best if your finding yourself getting so aggravated. Take it easy and have fun over on AO, I imagine we'll be around for when you want to play again.

(well..I know I'll be around anyways lol)