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Full Version: While messing with the Saints Row Initiation station...
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dark seraph

I hit the Random button a few times.... and one result I had to share Tongue

[Image: 2011-11-18_00001.jpg]

So the question is, if this is what random can make... what other CoX toons can I create for the city of Steelport? Tongue


Link please.

And I at least approve.

dark seraph

If you have Steam, you can get the demo for free. Then just go nuts!

(I was actually trying to make Neph... but couldn't find the right hair sadly Sad )

So that's why I couldn't find it... was looking in the wrong place and had my Steam in Offline mode.
after playing around a bit, this is what I got:

[Image: gamma-saintsrow.png]

It's not exactly perfect (I'm not sure If I could make the head better match the ratios in CoH, Saints has A LOT more sliders) But it's not bad.
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TF2: Spy

dark seraph

Actually got the game for X-box and discovered a hairstyle I didn't see in the initiation station.

So once I get it all worked out on how to get a screen shot from the X-box to my PC, I'll show you Neph as the Boss Tongue