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Full Version: Sneak look at the next T9 costume sets
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dark seraph

From David Nakayama's deviant art page.

[Image: elemental_armor__fire_by_david_nakayama-d4lud19.jpg][Image: elemental_armor__ice_by_david_nakayama-d4ludvf.jpg]

They are available on the Beta Server, but you'll need to have 3 vet tokens to spare to get them. Can't buy points on beta right now. The Waterfall Backpack, viewed from the front, looks a little awkward though. Just see a stream of water pouring down from between your legs.

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The dual-waterfall cape looks like it shouldn't have the same visual squick factor. That and flight might make it look like you're flying via water cannon.
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If I can take those Phoenix Wings and turn them blue, I will probably be interested...

The waterfall capes might look very nice on Beach Baby... who's currently got the "leaking oil" aura in light blue, and has some of the same front-view problems with it.
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