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Full Version: Minds of Mayhem Legendary Edition
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So, was discussing this in the channel the other day, and given the size of group required (8-16), I posited doing an all Legendary Minds of Mayhem trial.

Uni would be doing raid coordination due to the fact that she's played the Trial before and nearly beaten it (Phase 4 of 5), and presumably we'd be doing this sometime Friday or Saturday, depending on which is best for folks. Shout out interest and time suggestions if you have it, and I'll be putting up a guide (done by myself) shortly that summarizes how the Trial works.

This isn't exactly for Incarnate progression, or badging. This is mostly for people who want to see the storyline of the MoM trial all the way through to the end, rather than looking for the easiest farm methods.
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I'd rather enjoy a shot at that, whenever you've got it going. I can more or less be around at whatever time is agreed upon.

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Combat Strategy:

The MoM trial is broken up into distinct "phases" between which you have time to rebuff, buy inspirations, and talk to various NPCs that you've encountered. It also gives the league lead time to explain the next phase. Here's the short version breakdown.

Phase 1: Malaise's Magical Tea Party OF DOOOOOOOOM

Malaise starts in the middle of a huge courtyard surrounded by minion-to-boss level Mother Mayhem clones. Malaise himself has a huge perception radius, so tanking types should be running in first, as he'll aggro on you pretty much as soon as you start towards him. AOE will burn the trash mobs, while the rest of the league focuses fire on Malaise. Because Malaise should have known better than to bring minions to an Incarnate fight. Silly Malaise.

At 50%, Malaise decides that concussions are not enjoyable and phases, running away and leaving an AV. These are randomly picked from a pool of 15, including Trial AVs (ironically, the Lichen Walker from the Underground is a LOT easier without his regen patches buffing him). Also, purple patches similar to Battle Maiden will spawn, which are nasty DoTs. However, unlike Battle Maiden, the MoM Trial is a bit more polite about its patches of horrible burny death. There is a timer informing you of when they will spawn in your UI. With a simple strategy, avoiding them entirely is simple.

[Image: Nightmares.png]

One thing to note is that no one should be flying here. The DoT fields will spawn at the elevation of the player they targeted on. If you're targeted in the air, someone could theoretically walk *under* the patch and get killed. There's no real benefit to flight in this fight, so it's easier just to skip it.

After killing the first, a second AV will spawn, same rules. Tank and spank it, and spawn your Lore pets just as it's dying. A third Nightmare AV will arrive, because Malaise is a one trick pony, and will meet the same grisly fate.

After the third Nightmare, Malaise returns, running under the same rules as the previous 3 AVs. However, this time the tables are turned, as a Nightmare AV will spawn *on your side* as an ally. If you're lucky with the RNG, you could be fighting alongside the friendliest Jade Spider you've ever met. Kick Malaise in his Evil Goatee Frenchman face until he starts begging for scones and we're on to Phase 2.

Phase 2: In Which Shalice Tilman Relives Her Childhood by Bodyjacking Someone Else's.

In this phase, you fight Penelope Mayhem, Mother Mayhem's psyche taking over Penelope's body. There are a few unique mechanics here.

1. The room she is in is full of Tempest Gyros (bosses) and Storm Voids (objects). Penelope herself is completely untouchable until her protection is stripped away.

The large part of the league will just cluster around Penelope and sit there while a tank drags Storm Voids from the room all over to Penelope. Upon doing so, mez and kill one void at a time. The Void will die, creating an Eye of the Storm bubble, that renders Penelope damageable, while also protecting you from the Psi-damage DoT constantly running in the room. Everyone targets through whoever's tanking Penny, and repeat until she's beaten. 

Tempest Gyros in this phase can be ignored if you have sufficient Barriers and heals, or killed if they're doing too much damage. Either way works.

Phase 3: Mother Mayhem, 1st in a 3 Part Series

In this fight, you take on Mayhem herself, while a small portion of your group has to infiltrate the psionic prison where Aurora Borealis is imprisoned and keep her alive. A portal will spawn early into the fight. Two DPS types (preferably one a tank) will jump through along with a healer, heading into Aurora's prison. The healer will keep Aurora's HP up while the DPS types fight the hordes of Reflections that Mother Mayhem sends to kill Aurora. +Regen powers REALLY help here, obviously.

Outside the prison, everyone else gets to punch Mother in her psi-boobs, but this makes Mother ANGRY. She has two new powers, Suffer in Silence and Shared Suffering.

When the powers trigger, you will be given an alert. Shared Suffering reduces damage taken from its affects the more people are close together, whereas Suffer In Silence will kill anyone in the circle instantly when it fires. The best method is to clump around Mayhem (don't grope the Psi-Boobs!) to benefit from the damage mitigation from the blue circles, while anyone that gets a red circle should run immediately away from the group until it fires.

Tank and spank Mother Mayhem while the Portal Team (now you're healing with portals!) keeps Aurora alive, and it's on to Phase 4.

Phase 4: Mother Malaise, a Crossdressing Horror No One Asked For.

Mother Malaise is Tilman jumping into her loyal minion to continue the fight, and operates much like Malaise did in Phase 1, including the return of the Purple Patches.

When you burn Mother Malaise down to 50%, he phases and despawns lest you ruin his fabulous fashion ensemble, and Shalice Tilman spawns by one of the 4 statues at the outer wall of the arena, slowly walking towards the well of power in the center. Also spawned with her are 4 Nightmares, who are Boss class this time instead of AVs. You have to beat Tilman before she gets to the well, but slowing her down is nigh impossible with her massive mez protect.

But guess what! You can kill that mez protect dead!

Luring Nightmares next to Tilman and then killing them will drop her purple triangles, rendering her weak to any mez you can bring to the table. Slows are especially good here. Mez her and kill her, and she'll despawn, then spawn again at the next statue at the far rim (going clockwise from the room entrance). Repeat this once for each of the 4 statues, then Mother Malaise respawns in the middle. Tank and spank him back to the Praetorian Pocket D, and proceed onto the final phase.

Phase 5: Shalice Tilman's Mental Meltdown

You've been drawn out of the Seer Network and into Tilman's mind so she can kill you insolent gnats personally. In 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you will all be killed. Furthermore, your league will be Demoralized by debuffs, lowering your damage output. A losing battle, yes?


Shalice has no special powers here, she's just a plain old AV. Burn her ass down like Romulus and Reichsman before her. The more damage you do to her, the more you beat her debuff to death with its own spleen. Kick Shalice's skanky ass, take your badge for beating her Trial, and parade it in front of everyone.

Because you just won, and this trial is done.
"Oh, silver blade, forged in the depths of the beyond. Heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way. Lay
I'd be up for that. And given sufficient notification, I can show up at whatever time is agreed upon.
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TF2: Spy
*dies laughing at Ops' strategy guide*  Okay, that alone would be worth the price of admission.

See, now, what we need is for Uni to put on her Tour Guide hat while running the Trial.  (No, seriously, she's done it before), and we can all beat the trial and laugh ourselves sick at the same time.

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dark seraph

I'll be up for this, Neph needs more badges and she would love to get some pay back on that mind ganking ***********

Short version is that I personally could do Friday evening/afternoon. I use US-friendly time references here, of course. Something like 6pm EST / 3pm PST...onward. I suspect given the Pacific timezone crew it'll be later rather than earlier.
EDIT2: If Saturday, similar to the above, except I need to LEAVE, as in, physically leave my house, by 9.30pm EST/ 6.30pm PST, so obviously I'd prefer a start time considerably earlier than that. But as I've told folks in chat - don't put yourself out on my account. I'm not sure I can make it in any case. Timezones and all, y'know? MD, Micro, Storm and DS will understand.

Anyway, I only have one heavily incarnated character, but that's my IO'd VEAT, softcapped support Huntsman-Bane, Realpolitik for those who know the character in question. So that'd likely be helpful. I can also provide surveillance on Mother Mayhem's psiboobs. You want her vital statistics?
-- Acyl
Alrighty, so since I'm going to be leading this, I'll toss out some times and characters.
Personally, I wouldn't be able to make it on until about 9pm pacific (midnight eastern) on Friday since I work then. If after that time on Friday is good for other people, we can roll with it. Otherwise, from what I've gathered so far sometime Saturday the 21st will be best. So there's a start. If there is a time on Saturday you *can't* make it, be sure to post so we can get a set in stone time down asap.
As for characters, we're going to need the strongest characters we each have to bring to the table. On a full team of 16 this is difficult, and I doubt we'll be able to hit that. But we should still be able to do it with 8 even, as long as everyone is at their top game.
I'm going to toss out characters here for the people I can think of that would be interested. If I leave your character out or if you'd rather bring a different character along, just post saying as much and I'll add you to this list. This is to help me primarily in getting the teams built.
Uni: Rainier Ice (Defender)
Ops: Net Sabre (Defender) (or Demo Saber (Tank) if we don't have two other tanks by then)
Acyl: Realpolitik (Bane DPS/Support)
Spud: Emerald Blast (Defender)
Sweno: Gamma Emission (Defender)
Terr: Terrence Knight (Tank)
Valles: Sachie Hanegawa (Brute DPS)
MD: Purrfect Archer (Blaster DPS)
Ankh: Emet (Tank)
DS: Nephilim Sabre (Brute DPS)
alternately, I can bring Smouldering Decay (controller), if we need more of that. She is also polished to fine shine
"so listen up boy, or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing to happen to you today"
TF2: Spy

dark seraph

Neph: ... Saber?

Gir and Laz: think of it as a compliment.

6 PM EST is almost impossible for me; at best I'm pulling into my driveway after my commute home. 9 is much better.

I'd love to be a part of this; need to clear it with Peggy to make sure I don't step on other established plans first, though.
-- Bob
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If L5R does not make on Friday, I could bring along Heart of Artemis if there's room. She's got the shooty-shooty Ranged DPS (Arch/Dev).
Ebony the Black Dragon

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I would chime in that I'm totally interested in a full legendary run...buuut it seems like someone already forged my signature on the list *grin*
*mou* ranger still cant handle trials. Sad
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Well, seeing as snow may be killing my normal friday night plans I believe i can be there with someone.
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Okay, so if we're doing it on Friday, it's going to have to be late. 9pm pacific, or midnight eastern at the earliest. If this is a good time for people, we can work it out, though remember it's still going to take a while to *do* the trial. Otherwise Saturday is looking like the day of choice. We can bump it later, we'll be loosing Acyl at that time but I know that's okay with him.
Or, depending on interest, there is the "both" option, one run at 2-3ish pac, 5-6ish eastern and a second run at 6-7 pacific, 9-10 eastern.
Sweno - that might work better if it's ok with you, it'd give us a controller on the trial which will help bunches with phase 4!
Ebony - could you make it on Saturday if we do a run then?
Terr - :-P
Dren - you can probably bring who you'd like, either some DPS or support of some flavor would do the trick.
I'm really excited by the interest in this! If it's fun and we get enough people wanting to do it, we can do more stuff like this in the future. Maybe a TPN (I know the steps to that one too though I can probably bribe OM into making a guide here for anyone interested) or a different Trial/TF/SF.

dark seraph

After wasting several hours in RWZ trying to get on a UG, TPN or MoM, I am over the moon that we have got people here willing to arrange them.

So as long as some one is willing to lead one, I'm more than happy to sign up Smile

Saturday is full up. We're starting a Shadowrun campaign.
Ebony the Black Dragon

"Good night, and may the Good Lord take a Viking to you."
I'm taking Peggy to the doctor's between 6 and 8 tonight, but if there's a 9 PM (EST) TF, I might be able to make it.
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.

dark seraph

Okay, did a PUG today of this, praetor jail bait would of worked better if the league leader stoped screaming every 5 seconds about not doing shit, then going all passive aggressive when we failed.

MM's are not so good on that stage either Tongue

So looking forward to Uni's now Big Grin

Was it a Masters of MoM run? (MoMoM?) I've dealt with a few people that keep running Masters runs, and every single one of them is rather... sulky when things don't quite work.
Nope. It was just a regular run that fell flat on its face on the second stage. Only 5 people were alive after the first 30 seconds. Team Leads were spazzing. Also. Taunt does not work on Voids. It makes them -flee-
Whelp there is 7 of us currently online for MoM as of this post at 10:10 Mountain 12:10 Est.
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