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Full Version: New on the Paragon Store
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 Coyote travel power! It detoggles like walk, rocket board, and magic carpet but its fun to use anyways Big Grin
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
What it says on the tin. You Transform into a Coyote and y'know..run and jump around as the 4 legged critter.
interesting. I assume this is using a re-colored german shepard model?

or are they using this to test new models for the upcoming MM pet set?
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TF2: Spy
You assume WRONG! Smile It is its own separate model, if you catch me in game I'll show it to you beside the German Shepard (or you can buy it yourself Big Grin)
Minor Necro Thread....

Guess what just landed.... as of oh about 30 minutes ago....

Pocket D Valentine Pack.

Acid wash jeans, and Metallic dress, funky moves and a few other goodies.
To demonstrate, a few modelings done by Lynna, my resident clotheshorse:

[Image: LynnaClubwear.png]
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