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Full Version: DINK Dink DINK DINK dink dink DINK dinkdink....
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New favourite Dev is named Dink.
Updates to various packs: Click me   (Baron Jackets!!!!!)
That is all.
*goes off muttering: Dinkdinkdink DINK DINK DINK!*

dark seraph

Waaaait, we has some gender equality in costumes now?




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The thing that gets me? He did it in his spare time. I salute that kind of thinking. "Hey, everyone that plays female characters would love it if these pieces were transferred over to those models. Let's see what I can do."

Meanwhile, Noble Savage is kinda shooting himself in the foot with "Well, I couldn't just transfer them over to a different model, so instead I decided to make incredibly fanservicey things with tits spilling out. What do you mean you're irritated?" (Note, I like Noble, but the guy seems to have a hell of a blind spot lately.)

Yay for Dink!
Just a quick FYI, Dink's name is Cheryl, so I assume that's a she.  Smile

dark seraph

So a woman looked at Nobel savages some what sexist coments about the costumes and went. "Screw you, costume equality for all"?
All Hail The DINK! Tongue

dark seraph Wrote:So a woman looked at Nobel savages some what sexist coments about the costumes and went. "Screw you, costume equality for all"?
All Hail The DINK! Tongue
I sincerely doubt that it had anything to do with sexism. 

Noble's the one that set up the forum thread to outright discuss what the fans would prefer in terms of costume balance. His existing model was "we either make one costume for three models with slight variations, or we make one male costume and one female costume that are radically different and give the players more variety, since we don't have the time to do both. And frankly, given the existing parts that get used a lot (Hearts Plus, Excess Plus, etc.), it's not an unfair assessment that people would want the Witch tops with skin as well as a full tights set (everyone forgets that Witch tights without skin everywhere is there at all), and I know tons of people who enjoy the Magical bolero. Gunslinger was the first major problem, and about 75% of the complainers agreed that if it'd been titled "western", people would've rolled their eyes and gone on with their lives. It was the association that all female gunslingers dress like saloon girls that bugged them. And when you get to Barbarians....it's called *Barbarians*. The guys are showing more skin in that set than the women by a third, and most of the pieces there are rather modest compared to, say, Red Sonja.

NS, meanwhile, took the Gunslinger feedback and outright changed the model by which they develop costumes as a result. Namely, by putting the concept before making a significant effort to give both genders fully unique costumes. To use the example, Armored Knights would be fairly monogender, while Shakespearean costumes would differ sharply between genders. After a 25 page thread debating the fine points of fan opinion to make sure they didn't jump to a hasty judgment and piss people off again.

And frankly, Noble's always said that they'd proliferate parts in the existing packs when they got the free time to do so. I sincerely doubt that Dink did this without his knowledge and full approval. For all that NS is the head art dev, people forget he's *concept art*, not a modeler. So even if he WAS going to proliferate the jackets to females, it would've been someone else doing the work. Delegation is part of his job. 

But Dink's name is on the post (most likely so she got well deserved credit), so we all know that she did this job completely alone, and none of the other devs are worthy of any praise in the decision. Tongue
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Well, sure, if you want to be all logical about it... Tongue
*picks jaw off floor* This looks: A)Promising and B)Rather cool.
All Hail The Dink!
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All Hail DINK!