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Full Version: Hami in a Heli!
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Okay - remember back in September when I mentioned that one of the things on my Bucket List to do was use Wormhole to move Hamidon from his spot in the crater in the Abyss in the Lady Grey Task Force? As the ultimate "Stupid Controller Trick"?

Well tonight, I just did it. 

Kara Skye, my Grav/Kin controller Wormholed the nucleus of the Hamidon completely out of the goo, up the crater wall, to the top of the cliff, and all the way to the Helicopter! (Nothing but net!) Actually placing the last Wormhole spot IN the Helicopter. Then wormholed him BACK down the waterfall to the crater floor where we finally took him out. A truly epic finale. 

I really wish you guys could have been there. But since all of you have moved on and I can't get you to play the game enough to get a group together, I have to take my opportunities where I can find them. 

I hope sharing this makes up some for you not being able to see it in person. They always say - pics or it didn't happen. Well I have both a demorecord file and many screenshots. Here's a few of them. Plus a transcript of the chatlog from the minute I made the first Wormhole. The reactions of my other teammates were priceless! Big Grin

[WHiSPER X]Grimrose: This power combination is wicked!
[Team] Professor Eviella: They never really did find a good way for MM's to help much on mitos
[Team] Pop rock': we need to hit the same one
[Team] Merryl of Volt: ok, lets all concentrate on one green goo.   my target sine I have (am?) the star Tongue
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: Works for me.
[Team] Professor Eviella: Sounds good.  Spam holds
[Team] Merryl of Volt: splat
[Team] Professor Eviella: Split
[Team] Merryl of Volt: oh I missed one.  my mistake
[Team] Kara Skye: YESSSSS!!!!!
[Team] Kara Skye: YES IT WORKS!!!!!!!
[Team] Ghost Chamber: nuu
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: O.O
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: OMG!
[Team] Sation: o/
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: I APPROVE!
[Team] Ghost Chamber: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
[Team] Ghost Chamber: omg
[Team] Professor Eviella: Ok that's funny. 
[Team] Merryl of Volt: ROFL
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: ERMAGHERD
[Team] Ghost Chamber: oh my god my stomach hurts
[Team] Kara Skye: Don'T KILL IT!
[Team] Sation: throw em in teh sky 
[Team] Ghost Chamber: ahaha
[Team] Ghost Chamber: AAAAAAAAAHH
[Team] Kara Skye: Whatever you do, DON'T KILL IT!
[Team] Merryl of Volt: that was truly neat
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: (How do you get it to move so far? I've yet to figure out that aspect of Wormhole)
[WHiSPER X]no hero: Nite Whisps. Nite Grim. Nite Evie
[Team] Sation: worhole will throw far but you ahve to be close to the targets
[Tell] J Tanker: Lambda?
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: Ahhh.
[WHiSPER X]Whisper X: nini, nero!
[Team] Merryl of Volt: small yellow anyone?
[Team] Kara Skye: LOLOL
[WHiSPER X]Grimrose: Goooodnight Nero!
[Team] Kara Skye: GLORIOUS!!!!! HEE!!!!
[Team] Cheetala: how do you do that?
[Team] Merryl of Volt: ty
[Team] Ghost Chamber: I will regret never rolling a Grav....
[Team] Kara Skye: I'm going to get him all the way out of the crater!!!
[Team] Merryl of Volt: that is awesome Smile
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: OMG.
[Team] Ghost Chamber: .......
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: Man, if D was 50, we could tag-team this. XD
[Team] Merryl of Volt: totally worth the TF Smile
[Team] Ghost Chamber: Taking a screenshot of this.
[Team] Sation: demorecording mew
[Team] Ghost Chamber: I...just...there's not even sufficient words.
[Team] Sation: heh there's soem rikti we could throw hami at up there
[Team] Kara Skye: Tell Voltar he was WRONG. And ask him how does he like his crow? Sauteed? Baked? Big Grin
[Team] Pop rock': hami split Tongue
[Team] Ghost Chamber: Funny how it's just the nucleous and the blob is still down there...
[Team] Kara Skye: Up the wall, out of the crater! NOTHING BUT NET!!! Big Grin
[Team] Professor Eviella: Oh lord, the Rikti are attacking it!
[Team] Pop rock': lol
[Team] Kara Skye: They can't kill it. Big Grin
[Team] Professor Eviella: But hami can kill them...
[Team] Sation: bwahaha 
[Team] Sation: pop rock that wa sawesome
[Team] Merryl of Volt: As far as neat tricks go...   that's very damned awesome Smile

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-44-23.jpg]

[Team] Yina Draconaiis: Oh my gob, this is hilarious.
[Team] Ghost Chamber: This could be the single greatest thing I've ever seen.
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: How far are you taking it?
[Team] Pop rock': lol it is?   i dont know what to do Tongue ive never seen this
[Team] Merryl of Volt: accept TP stomp
[Team] Pop rock': plz
[Team] Ghost Chamber: All I know is it's making for some epic screenshots
[Team] Kara Skye: HEEE! Big Grin
[Team] Pop rock': thank u
[Team] Ghost Chamber: Please put it INSIDE the heli.  

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-44-27.jpg]

[Team] Yina Draconaiis: Oh god.
[Team] Merryl of Volt: lol
[Team] Kara Skye: Oooh.. I live to serve! Big Grin

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-46-28.jpg]

[Team] Cheetala: can make a new folder just for hami on vacation screenshots in the yahoo groups Big Grin
[Team] Cheetala: we stealing hami! Big Grin
[Team] Ghost Chamber: *dies*
[Team] Pop rock': i dont know
[Team] Kara Skye: LOLOLOLOL

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-47-26.jpg]

[WHiSPER X]Merryl: hami is on vacation...  taking Heli to Atlas Park Tongue
[Team] Kara Skye: I am laughing MADLY right now. MADLY I TELL YOU!!! XD
[Team] Sation: hamicopter
[Team] Pop rock': lol

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-47-50.jpg]

[Team] Merryl of Volt: stop t...  it hurts Smile
[Team] Cheetala: yah...ouchies
[Team] Ghost Chamber: Yep.  Definitely takes the cake.
[Team] Ghost Chamber: The most hilarious thing I have witnessed in this game XD
[Team] Professor Eviella: Get to da choppa!
[Team] Kara Skye: **DIES!!!!***

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-47-54.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-49-03.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-49-10.jpg]

[Team] Cheetala: any other good spots to put it in?
[Team] Sation: mayeb we shoudlw ind it down.... .>
[Team] Merryl of Volt: If I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.. even with the pics to prove it
[Team] Merryl of Volt: throw it off the cliff.. maybe it'll fall to its death Smile
[Team] Pop rock': lol
[Team] Kara Skye: Should I? Big Grin
[Team] Merryl of Volt: YES!  Break the egg Smile
[Team] Sation: its fun to toss it in teh air though the invisible platfoirms are still out there 
[Team] Kara Skye: OK!
[Team] Pop rock': to bad there is no lava to put it in
[Team] Cheetala: on the river...then tip of the waterfall....would make good screenshots for captions
[Team] Kara Skye: OOOh...
[Team] Kara Skye: Yes

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-51-01.jpg]

[Team] Sation: you might be able to get it to hold midair if you can find a platform. its kind of hard to set
[Team] Kara Skye: Find one for me and I can do it.
[Team] Cheetala: you're getting close
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: BRB
[Team] Merryl of Volt: what excellent placement
[Team] Professor Eviella: Don't go chasing waterfalls...
[Team] Cheetala: edge in front of me......and would even work for one waterfall that's midway
[Team] Ghost Chamber: wow
[Team] Kara Skye: Now THAT is a screenshot!

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-52-10.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-52-55.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-59-42.jpg]

[Team] Sation: hami eye crying?
[Team] Kara Skye: Ok. Where's that platform?
[Team] Ghost Chamber: looks great from up high
[Team] Cheetala: i'm standing on the mid waterfall
[Team] Sation: they're in the goo. I've only ever done it once froma  toss
[Team] Cheetala: would be funny taking a group pic wif hami too
[Team] Cheetala: like a weekend at bernie's hami style 
[Team] Kara Skye: No invis platform?
[Team] Kara Skye: LOL
[Team] Merryl of Volt: nope.. toss it
[Team] Pop rock': lol
[Team] Merryl of Volt: it lurves you Ragey.. it really does...  especially yr liver Tongue
[Team] Cheetala: ooh...even do funny pics wif hami like at end of Hangover movies
[Team] Kara Skye: Huh!
[Team] Kara Skye: All I'm getting now is "Invalid Target" over and over.
[Team] Kara Skye: I can't seem to move him now.
[Team] Pop rock': hes stuck?
[Team] Merryl of Volt: awww
[Team] Kara Skye: Oh wait
[Team] Kara Skye: Ok now I got it.
[Team] Cheetala: it moved me Tongue
[Team] Pop rock': lol
[Team] Kara Skye: Bit of an oops there. I'll get it out for a mid-air drop on the next one.
[Team] Sation: say when =)
[Team] Kara Skye: WHEN
[Team] Merryl of Volt: no worries... this is the most awesome thing I've ever seen in the game Smile
[Team] Professor Eviella: It's up there, at least.
[Team] Kara Skye: Huh
[Team] Kara Skye: Didn't go the direction I pointed him at.
[Team] Merryl of Volt: architecture on the way maybe?
[Team] Kara Skye: Could be
[Team] Cheetala: yayz!
[Team] Kara Skye: Here's another good screenshot. Big Grin
[Team] Merryl of Volt: Sitting on the water.. thinking my own thoughts Tongue
[Team] Cheetala: this is where i requested for mid waterfall
[Team] Kara Skye: Cool. Glad to get it for ya!

[Image: screenshot_121109-01-59-54.jpg]

[Team] Cheetala: nooo, hami.....i'm your friend!
[Team] Ghost Chamber: lol
[Team] Ghost Chamber: tping whisper
[Team] Cheetala: was sneaking my way to ledgesit next to hami
[Team] Ghost Chamber: nvm someone has it

[Image: screenshot_121109-02-01-04.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-02-02-38.jpg]

[Team] Merryl of Volt: what do you need whisper?  I have no wakies left
[Team] Cheetala: ish ok...ty tho
[Team] Merryl of Volt: yw Smile
[Team] Ghost Chamber: Apparently he's grumpy
[Team] Merryl of Volt: Ok everyone got screenies?   Lets end this please.  I wanna run a ITF before my later dinner Smile
[Team] Sation: mew
[Team] Pop rock': all this moving about has made him extra sensitive
[Team] Sation: throw him out here
[Team] Ghost Chamber: we have the chance to fight him in a ridiculous location!
[Team] Sation: oh sure =)
[Team] Pop rock': here?
[Team] Ghost Chamber: Whispie? @.@
[Team] Cheetala: yush?
[Team] Cheetala: yush?
[Team] Ghost Chamber: oh, thought we lost you Tongue
[Tell] Throbbing Maidenhead: O.O  gl Smile
[Team] Kara Skye: How's this?
[Team] Kara Skye: Is that good?
[Team] Sation: *paws up*
[Team] Merryl of Volt: is good Smile
[Team] Kara Skye: Excellent. Big Grin
[Team] Merryl of Volt: I got my screenies Smile
[Team] Cheetala: ty!

[Image: screenshot_121109-02-02-48.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-02-03-42.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-02-05-08.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-02-05-12.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-02-05-33.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-02-05-39.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-02-05-42.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-02-06-53.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_121109-02-07-03.jpg]

[Team] Merryl of Volt: Ok, raeady??
[Team] Ghost Chamber: kay
[Team] Sation: hami mistook em for the tanker
[Team] Professor Eviella: That was AWESOME
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: Seems almost a shame to take it out now.
[Team] Ghost Chamber: No one will believe us.
[Team] Yina Draconaiis: Wow.
[Team] Kara Skye: Plennty of Screens and at least 2 demorecords. Trust me. They'll believe it. Big Grin
[Team] Merryl of Volt: Ok, lets Murdderlise this map
[Team] Kara Skye: Righto!
[Team] Pop rock': humm 
[Team] Sation: afk a sec mew
[Team] Professor Eviella: (Note to self:  It's after midnight, being tired is NOT surprising!)
[Team] Professor Eviella: (Any chance of a MoDD or MoUG tomorrow, Whisper?)
[Team] Kara Skye: I'd love either of those
[Team] Professor Eviella: (MoDD is probably the easiest trial to MO, so good salvage for a new incarnate...)
[Team] Kara Skye: Y'know - I don't CARE that the challenge failed. I WORMHOLED HAMI INTO THE HELICOPTER!!!! MUA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!
[Team] Professor Eviella: AMEN!
[Team] Sation: I am still chuckling over that
[Team] Merryl of Volt: Amen Kara Smile
[Team] Ghost Chamber: That is, in fact, all that matters.
[Team] Professor Eviella: Thank you for sharing something new and special in this game with us, even now. :-)
[Team] Kara Skye: ."Hami in a Heli." There's your meme for the day. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
[Team] Professor Eviella: I can't say I'm ok with the game ending now that I've seen that.  But... it's maybe 1% less bad. :-)
[Team] Kara Skye: XD
[Team] Kara Skye: It is at that. Big Grin
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nice! this may inspire me to play more CoH
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That's... Just... AWESOME! Smile
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Oh, that is great! Congrats on accomplishing something I don't think has ever been done before.

(And I haven't moved on. I've just been dealing with my elderly mother for two weeks, nearly. But she went home today.)
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