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Full Version: Antimatter Personal Story from Beta (warning: MAJOR SPOILERS and Heavily Image laden post)
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Since this will only ever be seen from the Beta Server, and since many of you will never get a chance to see this, here is the ultimate fate of Antimatter.
Personally, among all the Praetorians, I found him the most sympathetic. He was truly a "Responsibility" Loyalist. And I'm glad my Loyalist Sassinak worked with him near the end of the original 1-20 Praetorian arcs.
I like to think that the following account would be related to the rest of the world by Metronome.
While your character is running the events of the final Praetorian arc and saving the "Last Bastion". A toehold in Praetoria against the Hamidon, Antimatter - after the events of the Keyes Reactor Trial, retreats and finds his ultimate fate protecting the people of Praetoria...
[Image: Antimatterpersonalstory_01.jpg]
[Image: Antimatterpersonalstory_02.jpg]
[Image: Antimatterpersonalstory_03.jpg]
[Image: Antimatterpersonalstory_04.jpg]

You fight through the tunnels of Underground Praetoria as Antimatter. (These are the same tunnels from the Underground Trial). All the while the suit is blaring warnings...  45% integrity... Boot jets non-funtional... comm with the satellite non-functional...
Keyes also laments the series of events that brought him here.
(I have a demo-recording of this entire sequence, but haven't replayed it to get the quotes. But even though he's kinda emo about it, he's still determined to get the job done.)
Then you find yourself in the same final underground area as the finale of the Underground Trial. And when you take down the Avatar of Hamidon, the next cutscene plays...
[Image: Antimatterpersonalstory_05.jpg]
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