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Full Version: Logged out on Nov 30th - And interesting code trick.
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Just got this from the Titan forums: 

Quote:Posting this kind of buried in this thread on purpose, because while I do want it to be seen, I don't want it to be extremely widespread as it could cause a bit of chaos.
If you want your character to revisit some old memories before logging out (or being kicked off for some of us), here's how to get there.
NOTE: This is technically an exploit. It's mostly harmless in the grand scheme of things, though with some creativity you can get anywhere in the game with it, including lots of places you're not "supposed" to be. A few of us have been using it for a couple months to map out some of the "lost" zones, but if you're extremely paranoid, you've been warned.
You'll need to get Long Range Teleport, either with a respec or with an alternate build. If you only have one place to go, you can use a Wentworth's/Black Market Teleporter temp power instead. Base Teleporter does NOT work.
1. Activate Long Range Teleport. When the destination window pops up, do not click anything.
2. Copy and paste one of the following into your chat box and hit enter:
Paragon Dance Party
Code: [/url]
/enter_door_teleport LinkFrom_City_02_01 68
Old Faultline
Code: [url=][Select]

/enter_door_teleport LinkFrom_City_02_02 19
Rikti Crash Site
Code: [/url]
/enter_door_teleport LinkFrom_City_05_01 60
Galaxy City *(the real one, not the Echo)
Code: [url=][Select]

/enter_door_teleport NewPlayer 29
Code: [/url]
/enter_door_teleport NewPlayer 24
Code: [url=][Select]

/enter_door_teleport NewPlayer 70
3. Party like it's 2004!

(Edit - I'm about to try this out and see if it works.) 

( HOLY SHIT. IT DOES. Confirmed - it works with Wentworth/Black Market Tporters. First time I've gotten a demorecord/screenshots of OLD Faultline in about 5 years!))
Ohhh... this was fun.