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Full Version: Manipulating the Champions Online UI/HUD
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Here's a guide I've worked up showing how to modify the HUD/UI. I'm reposting it here. 

You can rearrange the UI in Champions. You can also change the overall scale of everything. 

Here - step by step - 

First - here's the unmodified HUD/UI.

[Image: UI_MOD_01.jpg]

Hit your "F12" key to access the HUD/UI alteration interface. This is what it looks like initially after hitting F12.

[Image: UI_MOD_02.jpg]

Each of those green boxes can be moved individually. Here - I've moved the powers tray from the bottom of the screen off to the right. 

[Image: UI_MOD_03.jpg]

Additionally, most of them can be individually re-scaled like you can with windows boxes (place pointer at edge until you get a double-arrow and the pull in the direction you want). Here below I've changed the scale of the two mini-map boxes in the upper right hand corner. 

[Image: UI_MOD_04.jpg]

And here's the end result - 

[Image: UI_MOD_05.jpg]

You can also change the overall scale of the HUD/UI. Hit "ESC" to get this menu. 

[Image: UI_MOD_06.jpg]

Then choose options. On the very first tab labeled "Basic" look at the bottom. There's a "Interface Scale" Meter. Change it to taste. 

[Image: UI_MOD_07.jpg]

For our example here, let's ramp it down to 65% and see what it looks like. 

[Image: UI_MOD_08.jpg]

Okay, that gets a lot of stuff out of the way, but leaves our chat box and type setting a little small to see. 

No worries, you can directly drag and re-size this window, then right-click on the chat tabs and go to the "Options" tab. There's a "Font-Size" slider. Ramp it up until it suits you. 


[Image: UI_MOD_09.jpg]

So using a combination of all of those, you can modify the UI a lot. I don't think you can change the COLOR of the UI unfortunately. 

I hope this helps everyone out!