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Full Version: What IS it with Tailors in Star Trek, anyway? ^_^
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So, I'm doing the Academy Event (farming dilithium) on the KDF side. And I have a general observation. 

I think there's something up with tailors in the Trek verse. 

Remember Garak from DS9? How much of a sneaky, charming, back-stabbing bad-ass he was? 

Well, I just watched a Klingon TAILOR pull out pistols (and/or a Batleth) and gun/slice down the Holo-Feddie I'm fighting (several times) ^^;;

Klingon tailors are like Riddick. "I'll kill you with my teacup."

No matter how polite they might be, don't get the idea you can fuck with them. Just. Don't. Seriously. 

That is all.
In STO, all the Tailors are based off Garak.

"Even the ones that aren't?"

ESPECIALLY the ones that aren't.
Oh well played, sir. ^_^
Jack was a tailor. That's all you need to remember.
Ebony the Black Dragon

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