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Full Version: PWI Account Hacked
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Hey all,
It looks like I won't be on Neverwinter, STO, or CO in the near future. Someone hacked my account, and I haven't gotten control back.
Hopefully this is cleared up soon.
Aw hell. That means they have access to the Fleet/Starbase stuff. Damn. 
well, as of this post they'd not stripped the fleet; has anyone checked the CO supergroup's vault?
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I was just on and looked around. Nothin has been tampered with.
As a precaution on STO i have temporarily demoted Ran to rank one.  He will get his rank back when this situation is taken care of.  Until then, Kyoli is in command of our fleet. (Well, Rank Wise anyway.  Ran tells me to do something and its done)
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I was just going to put in some severe STO time, too....having just seen "Into Darkness"
Well hopefully your speaking with folks through PWE and at the very least can ask them to put your account on lockdown or something until this is cleared up, this really sucks and I really do hope this works out soon.
Well that doubly sucks... could have used more earnings for the fleet, especially Di.
Hear that thunder rolling till it seems to split the sky?
That's every ship in Grayson's Navy taking up the cry-

-- "No Quarter", by Echo's Children


So, it is now over a week since I first emailed PWE regarding my hijacked account, and I have heard JACK and SHIT from them. 6 emails have gone unanswered by their support and billing department, and some people have mentioned that they have been trying to reach support for MONTHS.
This is not looking good, people.
Perfect World Entertainment
101 Redwood Shr Pkwy #400
Redwood City, CA, 94065 United States
(650) 590-7700
Email: bizdev@perfectworldinc.com
EDIT: Here's another address I found for them. 

Perfect World Entertainment, Inc. 
1001 East Hillsdale Blvd. Suite 800 
Foster City, CA 94404

No phone number. But I bet standard operator information services would get you that number with that info. 

Also - here are specific names of company officers. You could try the phone number up above and then ask the operator to put you through. Hehe...

Alan Chen Ceo
Yan Ji Vp For Finance
Davis Li Vice President

Don't let the polite nature of whoever answers the phone deter you from being FIRM. Don't scream in their ear. But let them know in no uncertain terms that you are about the unhappiest customer they will encounter all day and that they run the risk of losing you entirely over this. Get every concession you can.

For bonus points see if you can wrangle a free lifetime membership out of them. For even MORE bonus points - if you already HAVE a Lifetime membership - get one for a friend. I volunteer. ^_^

EDIT: AHA!!! FOUND you! 

Alan Chen - CEO Perfect World 
direct contact number -   650-590-7788

Found him through www.jigsaw.com 

WHO'S the man? ^_^


No good. The main number leads to no answer with a full mailbox, and Alan Chen's number doesn't answer either. No secretary or anything, just no answer.
Damn. Well. Time to lawyer up, then. Nothing else I can think of to do. Other than visit the place in person. 


I'll save that for the next time I'm in Redwood City....which is no time soon.
Does PWI support the keychain ID dongle? If you could pick up one of those, it might make your account that much more secure going forward.
As for making the account as un-hackable as possible, the obvious solution is the change the password to something really cryptic. Just don't forget it.
Edit: Or... is it that you can't log in at all? If not, then you may need to play telephone tag with their answering system until you speak with a human being. I'd advise against the lawyer threat, however. Most places will immediately stop talking to you and send you immediately over to Legal, to talk to their lawyers. Whatever your issue was, is effectively forgotten in the mad scramble to essentially threaten you with bottomless litigation if you try to sue them.
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I have NO access to my account at this time. Whoever hijacked it logged in, changed the password, and changed the email address related to the account. So I have NOTHING.
What's your character's name again?
Edit: NVM. - found it.

I kicked all your characters from the Fleet, just in case shenanigans. Hope you understand. Until we get this sorted out, we can't take chances.

Need to get a hold of Baseload. He's the Top Leader of the Legendary apparently and the only one who can remove the last of Ran-San's characters from the SG until we can get ahold of this bastard. 

In the meantime, Ran, if you haven't already done so - change ALL your passwords for every single thing on your computer and email and anything else. And run a thorough virus/malware/etc scan. (I expect you already have, but just in case). 

As soon as you get your account back in order, we can do the re-invites. 
One more thing you could do. It's generally uncouth. But I think we're well past the point of being polite at all. 
Start spamming the STO and CO and NWO forums with messages and stories about your situation. 

If you can't log in or don't want to make a new account to do so, compose them and send them to me and I'll post them in your stead. We need to get some serious publicity going here and since PWI has made it impossible to contact them in any other way, it's time for a negative publicity deluge. 
I'd advise against pissing off the people who you're asking help from. We're never past the point of being polite.

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Hey Baseload you forgot Purrfect Detective when removing characters from Paragon Legends. I'd do it but sadly she is also a Senior Officer.
That's why I said Baseload needed to do it. I could get all the others, but that one I couldn't. 
Quote:Ankhani wrote:
I'd advise against pissing off the people who you're asking help from. We're never past the point of being polite.
Hey - PWI/PWE/Cryptic are the ones who have made it IMPOSSIBLE to get this resolved by normal means. Any SANE company would have, you know - ACTUAL customer service. 
As soon as THEY come around to being reasonable and helping us resolve this, we can as well. Until then, all bets are off. 
Well, I navigated around until I found the Login issues page in the support section, but realized that no matter what I type to them, they won't take me seriously. I mean, if some random person sends them an email saying a "friend" can't log in, what do you think they'll do? So I can't think of a way to push on this without getting flagged.
Still looking...
Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do.


We have Forward motion!
PWE has got back to me today. They have banned my account, reset my email address to mine and garbled my password. Per their instructions, I have set my password to a new one. And I have sent them a response for verification of that before they can unban. Things are looking better.
Thats great news Ran! Hopefully we'll be able to see -you- online again sometime in the near future and that whoever hacked yer account didn't garble up your characters too much.
Yay! I was just now thinking about asking about this and when I checked the thread was DAMN pleased to hear about the news!
Get a-hold of us either here or in-game once everything is restored to your satisfaction (or as much as it's going to be) and we'll re-invite your characters to the SG and the fleet!

Edit: And if you've still lost some materials/resources for which they can't restore, I'd be willing to either chip in to help out or even better yet, get the group together to grind some in a group to help you get back to where you were. 
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