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Full Version: RIP Ascendant
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Literally, I just heard this. Tre Chipman, aka Ascendant, just passed away after being in the hospital for several weeks.
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WHERE did you here this????
Never mind... I was hoping this was wrong... But have now confirmed it. 
God... why...
I admit, when I heard about this, my first thought was "who's Ascendant?" possibly because I wasn't a big forumgoer in the official forums. But still, crappy news nonetheless. He'll be missed.
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Well damnit. I only knew about him third hand, but he still made me laugh.
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Damn. I only knew about him from references, but he was a bright spot in the game, for certain.
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Wow. Slim Whitman, James Gandolfini, and now Ascendant... This has been a bad few days.
-- Bob
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...and my shoes began to squeak.
He was a pretty chill guy the few times I ran into him online. Sad
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