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Full Version: The Temple of The Sword
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So, since Dimensions in Rift have gotten a boost, I've been busy playing with all sorts of fun new digital legos.  Mainly, my Temple to Thedor, god of Battle.  Given that it is somewhat inspired by The Dojo, I thought I'd share here what I have so far.
[Image: bd7164549ae2a2177947a48b805df47a48ea664d_r.jpg]An ariel view of the open air dining area.
[Image: bef3655554a7946be551a8b61278789e938e3e35_r.jpg]From the upper floor.  The kitchen is still under construction.
[Image: f771655795e8ad167398f06eb5c6ce79d21f6bf0_r.jpg]Sleeping quarters for those who need to rest while training
[Image: 082263a5f69dbef5a8f15772fee37cbce286843f_r.jpg]From the trail up the hill to the Temple
[Image: 74226105949e4e7fa35175717c3fd28d34b73bc7_r.jpg]The Temple Hall itself from the Main Gate
[Image: b3736d4b5adb90b3e50eaea11a9473999bb8dbca_r.jpg]And from the side entrance.
Wow! Didn't know they had bases in Rift! I stopped playing way too soon.
Dimentions are a new addition from Storm Legion expansion, so you would have had to play for nearly 2 years to get them. But people do awesome stuff with them, like what Base has done... now if he would just level...
In the epic rage of furious thunder
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when the twilight calls and the dark lord falls
our glory will prevail

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Quote:Drenivian wrote:
... now if he would just level...
Isn't this the normal issue?  Tongue