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Full Version: So I did this with the Foxbat swag -
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[Image: 1CStnMf.png]

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"I had to steal the suit from my 80 year old crazy uncle to avenge my parents death. But it's become more than that now. I feel like I can give back to the world. Give people a little hope.

I just wish Uncle Foswell would stop laughing in my ear so much and trying to get me to throw water balloons at people. "lighten up"? Are you crazy? This is serious business! I don't have time for that!"

Basically an inversion of the Bruce/Terry bit going on there. Yeah - there's humor in the concept, but young Foswell is the straight man and his crazy old uncle back in the Foxbat cave is the one saying "Why so serious?" And trying to set up dates with all the young supervillainesses. Big Grin