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Full Version: Update: "Metamorphic Invaders"
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In further observance of "I Hate Valentine's Day" Day ...
Metamorphic Invaders -- 285 points.
Attributes: ST +4 [40]; HT +2 [20].
Secondary Characteristics: Basic Move -2 [10].
Advantages: Double-Jointed [15]; Fangs [3]; Hard to Kill +5 [25]; Injury Tolerance (Homogenous, No Neck) [45]; Morph (Up to 35 points; Copies Personality, +100%; Genetic Match 2, +100%; Link, Terror, +10%; No Memorization Needed, +50%; Needs Sample, must consume, -50%; Takes Extra Time, 10 minutes, -60%) [265]; Single Minded [5]; Terror 5 (Link, Morph, +10%) [88].
Perks: Immunity to the Riders [1].
Disadvantages: Appearance (Horrific; Universal, +25%) [-30]; Bad Sight [-25]; Bestial [-15]; Invertebrate [-20]; Low Empathy [-20]; No Sense of Humor [-10]; Obsession (Hunt, Kill & Reproduce) (6) [-20]; Odious Personal Habit (Eats sentient beings) [-15]; Slow Eater [-10]; Unusual Biochemistry [-10]; Weakness (1d/minute, Alcohol) [-40..
Quirks, Features, & Taboo Traits: No Social Skills [0]; Uncongenial [-1].
Wow, Chris, you've certainly been busy... If I haven't thanked you before for all the work you're doing (and yes, I know you're doing it for the fun but still...), thank you.

-- Bob
For Jor-El so loved the Earth, he sent his only begotten son...


Actually, I'm mostly doing it for the educational experience, as witness by my copious edits and fixes. Smile But you're welcome all the same.
Chris Davies.