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Full Version: Scientific basis for combat-hyping
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CBC: Scientists explore why time flies when you're having fun

Apparently, there's a "group of neurons" in the brains of mice that control how time is perceived subjectively. Add some superscience and boost that effect Up To Eleven - do you get combat-hype?
Well, I've always styled the combat-hype in the stories as a form of adrenal overdrive, which has been seen in the real world. This is different, but it could certainly contribute to Doug's perceptual speed-up. In GURPS terms, Doug has a switchable boost to Speed linked to and a few levels of Enhanced Time Sense (the latter of which is what the article points at).
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TFA Wrote:Time stands still when you're stuck in traffic. It flies when you're binge-watching Stranger Things.
We all have watched this series, right?  This is definitely a place Doug could go. Although the idea of Buckaroo Banzai in this setting also seems amusing/plausible.
-- ∇×V
Isn't "time flies when you're having fun" the opposite of "combat hype". Also, this seems to be about the perception of longer periods, like minutes or hours, not something where fast events seem to be happening in slow motion, which is what I think you mean by combat hype.
No, I don't believe the world has gone mad.  In order for it to go mad it would need to have been sane at some point.
Ah, but this is also "time drags when you're stuck in traffic"...
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