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Full Version: Thank you Forged in Fire
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I have discovered that mine avatar's weapons in OMB/DW5 actually have a historical basis!


Also apparently used by Madmartigan in Willow.

Although what guy drafted into a Norse Pantheon is doing with a weapon design from India is a more difficult question.
Well, assuming the DW cosmology is canon for OMB outside of DW5, it just means there's a situation similar to this one from DW2 chapter 12 in play:
Quote:Her opponent recognized her ploy, and smiled as she released Sylia's weapon again. "You'll have to do much better than that, White. These blades were forged for me by Hephaestus from mithril mined by the Svartalfar, breathed upon by Indra and blessed by Marduk."
-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.