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Full Version: Looking for a type of crossover
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I'm looking for a nice Ranma / Street Fighter crossover
given the obvious compatibility of the two genre's I'm surprised that this particular cross is rare enough that I'm not seeing more of them around. [Image: embarassed.gif]
Does anybody have a story they can recommend? _______________________________
We're definitely playing this game wrong. I thought Vampire was supposed to be a game of personal horror, not about ninja magic-carpet airstrikes at night.
- A friend after playing a session of Dark Ages Vampire.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. THERE IS ONLY WAR!
-Same friend.
Take Your Candle, Go Light Your World.


Well there is some other stuff mixed in but there is hybrid theory.
there are a few others though I can't recall them right now.
E: "Did they... did they just endorse the combination of the JSDF and US Army by showing them as two lesbian lolicons moving in together and holding hands and talking about how 'intimate' they were?"
B: "Have you forgotten so soon? They're phasing out Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
Ranma Vs The World by Carrotglace.