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Full Version: Looking for an Inuyasha fic...
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The Wanderer

...and normally I wouldn't ask here, except that I'm about 80% certain that I found the story through a link which was posted here a while ago - and of course searching the archives [i[now[/i] doesn't do much good.
The story is reasonably large (though it would not necessarily be considered epic), and complete AFAIR. Salient points which I remember are:
1 ] It involves, and follows through on, the Kagome/Inuyasha pairing.
2 ] By dint of there being no one else available to do it, along with perhaps other factors, Kagome winds up becoming caretaker for (and effectively adopting) an abandoned hanyou infant.
3 ] Back in the present day, there is a female social worker (or maybe it was a doctor - and I forget why either came to be consulted) who is Very Much Not Happy about the fact that this teenage girl is now lactating.
4 ] At some point, not much earlier than about two-thirds of the way through the story, they finally complete the Shikon no Tama (I forget what happened to Naraku, but whatever it was seemed plausible at the time); the wish they make results indirectly in a) a visitation from the miko mentioned in the SnT's backstory and b) the final elimination (and presumably purification) of the jewel.
5 ] Without the Shikon no Tama to power it, time travel through the well is no longer possible.
6 ] By some mechanism which I forget, both Inuyasha and Kagome have become something approximating unaging by that point.
7 ] The final 'arc' of the fic takes place back in the present day, just after the last time Kagome had come back home temporarily, and begins with a reunion between those for whom their last encounter was mere days ago and those for whom it was several hundred years ago. (To quantify "unaging", above, Kagome does not look visibly different despite the time lapse.)
8 ] By this point, Kagome and Inuyasha have a sizable brood of children - although whether any of them are their own I don't recall (I think she may in fact be pregnant with their first); the vast majority, at the very least, are instead adopted "unwanted hanyou" like the one from point 2 above.
9 ] Sesshoumaru is still around, but not particularly hostile anymore; he appears to be paired with Rin.
10 ] The clan is, by this point, both Very Rich and Very Influential - both among youkai (who tend to live in human disguise these days) and among humans. Describable examples don't readily spring to mind, although I could ramble about helicopters and impressive weddings and large land-holdings (in Japan!) and "you'll drop this subject if you want to keep your job" against that social worker from point 3 and so forth.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?
(And, on a completely different topic, does the Website someone started up once to compile all the story recommendations from this forum in one plage still exist? I've forgotten the URL...)
You're thinking of The Lucky Ones, which can be found at:
www.wordsmiths.net/Botta/LuckyOnes.htm No Quarter, NO QUARTER! You damn well earned your fate.
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Before I read that, I must ask - does it have anything to do the the saying (attributed to King Vegita in some fanfic or other) that goes "We all enter the world screaming and covered in blood. The lucky ones live and die that way as well?"
- CD
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hmm It sounds like something... yes if i'm remembering right... it does.. yup lucky ones is most likely the one you are looking for [Image: smile.gif] _____________________________
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Most definitely The Lucky Ones. And yeah, CD, that quote does apply to the story, although it's never actually used. As far as I remember anyway.
There's also a sequel called... Coyote Child? I can't remember. It was about a Coyote hanyou that gets adopted after Kagome and Inuyasha's son is born.
Edit: Aha! Found it. The Coyote Child*********
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