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Full Version: Fic Search: Duo of Half Life Short Fics
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Vincent Ursus

I remember coming across a link to a pair of short Half Life fics, one of them written as a follow up to the other.

The first one had Freeman coming across a dying marine and going "Are you religious? Tell your god about me." And then ended with a line about "Sometimes, atheists just need someone to threaten."

The second one featured a rather bemused Freeman being welcomed into Valhalla and meeting that self-same marine there, who then said "I told my god about you. He liked what he saw."

Can anyone point me towards those?
Those are by camwyn and can be found on her 'rp journal' for, well, Gordon Freeman. Unfortunately, I don't have a link handy, but worse comes to worse she's nice and could probably point you at them if asked.

"V, did you do something foolish?"
"Yes, and it was glorious."

Vincent Ursus

I thought they were by Camwyn, but I'd been looking through the Half Life tag on her regular journal for them. Thanks, that was enough for me to track them down.