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Full Version: (short story)My Name is Sara and I Have Three Mommies
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A lot of times, the fans' answer to a story's romantic triangle is "Threesome! Threesome! Go fot it, it's fun!" But, how does that actually work from inside, and in the long term? Here's one possible answer...


My Name is Sara and I Have Three Mommies

by Sara Nome

for Mrs. Wockenfuss's Second Grade Class

My name is Sara, and I have three mommies and a brother. Mommy Sheryl and Mom Ranka and my brother Shin all live together in our apartment, but Mama Alto has to be at the airbase most of the time.

Actually, Mama Alto is my daddy, but he's so pretty that when I was little I thought he was another mom so I call him that. He always gets real red and it's funny. Mama is an important Valkyrie pilot who keeps us all safe.

Mom Ranka isn't the mom who had me as a baby, but Mommy says that she and Mom were good freinds even though they were having a competishin over Mama to see who would get to date him, but Mommy and Mama had a big fight and didn't talk for a while and Mom dated him instead. Then Mommy found out Mom was going to have my brother Shin, and since Mom was all by herself because her big brother Ozma died, she had Mom move in with us to help with the baby. I was too little to remember but everyone was angry with everyone for a while until they all made up. Mom is a famous singer that helps people be happy.

Mommy Sheryl is also a famous singer, and sometimes she and Mom sing together, which always makes people really happy. She's really suspicious about people we don't know well because before she had me her manager Grace turned out to be a bad person, so she makes sure we all have body guards who have had a secretuty screen. It's a little wierd but they're all really nice so it's O.K. Mommy's eyes are the same color as mine. Mommy says I look just like a picture of my great-great-grandma's sister, so that's why she named me after her.

Shin is my little brother, and he's so cute but sometimes he gets fussy or stubborn and it's hard. He got named after a man that was in the picture of my great-great-grandma that Uncle Brera looked up in the computers and found out was a pilot for the very first Valkyrie planes, even before the kind that were on the SDF-1. He said he copied a bunch of things from the computers on the world where they grew up before it got eaten by the M.D.E. bomb, and there was a story in part of it about how when the first ship came, they already found a man and a woman living there called Sara and Shin, and even if that's silly Mom thought it was romantic since the original Sara and Shin dissapeared together and she named my little brother after him.

Even if they still haven't decided who gets to marry who and whether Mama will wear a tuxedo or a uniform, my mommies all have dates with each other and there's always one more to look after me and Shin when they do so we don't have to have some boring babysitter. So, my conclusion is that having three mommies is three times as good.

The End.


"Ghostwritten" by ClassicDrogn

just for fun

- CD, well Bro? Did you like my story?

Edit3: Right, that's it. Any remaining tyypos are intentional aspects of the young main character's narrative voice. That's (literally) my story and I'm sticking with it.
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amusing, if a little simplistic view of the situation (as it should be for someone so young).

with all the name dropping I assume I should recognize the anime this came from, but sadly I haven't watched some of the early stuff. At least I'm assuming it's early due to 'valkyrie' ref.

It would be more amusing (at least to me) to wind this forward a couple of years until you get to the teenage "I don't fit in, you'll never understand me, and it's all your fault" stage of things.
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Nope, this would be set... 2068? Somewhere around there, a decade after Frontier ended. The three moms mentioned are all main characters of F, while Shin and Sara (original) are from Macross Zero, and the relation between them is me messing with the timeline. I'm pretty sure canon says Shin actually stayed on Earth and hooked up with Sara's sister Nao, but I prefer my version, obviously Smile

While I'll agree that a companion piece during the misunderstood teenager stage would be nifty, but, well, I don't understand the "misunderstood teenager" mindset, becasue I was an obnoxiously square "good kid" and didn't experience it. There's a rant or three here, but they always come off whiny or pointless or both, so I've given up trying to explain further about it. Anyone who wants to continue this is welcome to try, though.

- CD
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Yuku ate my reply... Sad

abbreviated version; It's cute, I assume the typos and grammar glitches are intentional. Feels as if a little girl wrote this. good job.
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So, this was cute and I really liked it, but the part that made me laugh (even if I got the Zero reference) was the name of the girl writing the piece.

Mostly because in an RPG I was in a while back, my main PC was a Galaxy Fleet pilot that survived the Frontier grand finale, by the name of "Sara", and she had some interaction with the main trio by way of being a subordinate of Ranka's older brother. So when I read a story mentioning their daughter, named Sara (completely identical spelling), the unintentional bit made me laugh far too much. It's one of those little coincidences.
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