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Full Version: Dead Bang chpt 8 snippet
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Just testing the water to see what people think. The next chapter is halfway done. I really wanted to do a classic
Knight Saber raid on a facility in this chapter, but I may pass until
the next one. I've just got too much ground to cover here.

A teaser to test the water...

Quote:Yoshida took a deep breath to steady himself, and gestured at the image

on the screen. "I recognize that, of course. It's the Leontophonous

virus that freed boomers. But what's it doing in my head?"

Silver shook his head. "Actually, it's not. It's close, mind you, but

there's subtle differences. What you're really looking at there is

technically Leontophonous-B. It's based on two source materials: The

nanite tech which freed boomers worldwide, and the nanite upgrade

technology Katsuhito Stingray gave to his daughter so he could map her


"The difference, however, is that Leontophonous-B isn't designed to free

anything. It follows the pattern of the original nanite infusion,

replacing key nodes in the human brain, which can theoretically lead to

enhanced mental development, greater intelligence, and so on. But with

the addition of the modified Leontophonous nanotech, it also allows the

programmer to institute mental blocks. They can even program behavioral

modifications, all without the beneficiary being aware they have them."

The image shifted a few times, showing clusters of them in the human

brain. "Get enough of them in one place, and you have an effective

replacement for the Overmind Control System. Not only do you have a

technology which can be used to institute boomer-based mind control on

the human populace, but you can use the same Leontophonous-based virus

to reinfect the boomer populace with a new kind of mind control program

they can't stop. Especially since Leontophonous-B seems to have a kind

of antivirus program running in it which recognizes the Alpha variant

and neutralizes it on contact."

"So... What was it doing in my head?"

Silver smiled and shook his head. "You're obviously still in a lot of

pain, or you'd have realized it by now. *You* were the test subject. The

boomers you sent out on the mission... I know what you know, and I know

that our benefactors wanted the mission boomers to include the

Leontophonous nanovirus. I'm sure they told you they were using the

Alpha variant, and that they wanted to see what you could do with

unshackled boomers. But what they were *really* doing was testing the

dependability of the Beta version under combat conditions, where boomer

brains are most likely to slip the leash. If Leontophonous-B remained

firmly in control of the boomers even in the middle of a losing fight,

it would give them an ironclad grip on whoever they gave it to."
Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do.


Interesting so now that Yoshida knows, can he be made to forget? or just prevented from thinking of ways to deactivate it?

Anyway I hope to see more soon.
E: "Did they... did they just endorse the combination of the JSDF and US Army by showing them as two lesbian lolicons moving in together and holding hands and talking about how 'intimate' they were?"
B: "Have you forgotten so soon? They're phasing out Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
I'm assuming "Silver" is the fusion-nanite boomer Yoshida, and I find it interesting that he seems to be uninfected by Leon-B. I forsee Silver installing in his cohorts a system to make Leon-B trigger an immune response.
Yeah, it's better explained in the actual chapter, since this is a snippet from a conversation in progress. But this "Silver" is a copy of  Silver Yoshida that Yoshida animates to figure out how he failed. The idea being that two heads are better than one. What Silver *finds*, of course, is more than Yoshida bargained for.
Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do.
Or Baty and Ai bargained for.

Since Syllia also has a copy of that corrupt Leon-A virus courtesy of Mackie ripping the original Silver Yoshida's head off, Baty and Ai's plans are going to go up in smoke.

And now, a pissed off enhanced Yoshida will be taking center stage and causing all kinds of havoc.
Tom Mathews aka Disruptor
Well, the clues are slowly being picked up. Big Grin It remains to be seen how quickly they get put together. Based on what the Knights know right now, it's a data point that really won't fit anywhere.
It might take a while to figure out, though. Sylia's got the evolving threat situation to figure out, and Mackie's a little distracted, right now... Tongue
Those who fear the darkness have never seen what the light can do.
True. However things are not going the way Baty and Ai have planned. Loon Ent. is probably going to keep shrugging off attacks thanks to Lisa constantly upping the magic defenses. IDEC is getting involved with the outside worls more and more throwing a new variable into the plans. Now ,Yoshida is aware what Baty and Ai did to him and will be going after them.
Tom Mathews aka Disruptor