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Full Version: [ooc] Dropped on the Cutting-Room Floor: "He reminds me of my sempai..."
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I considered these ideas for advancing the plot while giving Sailor Jupiter an extremely poor choice of love interests... and thought better of them, and the entire subplot. But, hey - waste not, want not.

"He reminds me of my sempai..."

"Who reminds you of your sempai, Mako-chan?"

"The new transfer student, Ryouga Hibiki."

(Because Ranma/Sailormoon crossovers have been done to death - even I wrote one back in the day)

"The new transfer student, Kaworu Nagisa."

(I don't think I could be sufficiently evil while writing this.)

"The new transfer student, Amano Jyaku."

(No. Just no.)
And one more that I just thought of:

"You remind me of my onee-chan, Mako-chan..."

"Eww! I'm not like that, Kuroko-san!"

Makes me wonder if she'd have a reaction over my avatar-self. It wouldn't be the first time I've had an underage girl crushing on me. ^_^;

The only way it would be worse is if she saw my character with a young child... like say, Chibi-Usa? (Hint: I like kids to the point where, after seeing my interactions with one, a female coworker all but screamed at me, "WHY ARE YOU NOT MARRIED YET!?!?")
Black Aeronaut Wrote:... The only way it would be worse is if she saw my character with a young child... like say, Chibi-Usa? ...
Let's add that to the PiratePad notes for the all-residences Solstice/Christmas/Kwanzza/Festivus/etc. party.
Done. Smile
Two more:

"The new transfer student, Sagara Soskue."

(Not only would he break her heart, he'd also break her neck. He's paranoid that way.)

"The new transfer student, Lelouch Lamperouge."

(See "Magnificent Bastard" and "Cartwright Curse".)

"The new transfer student, Malfoy-san.  I'm talking about the other sempai, this time — the one I had to call the police on."

You said extremely poor choices....
(05-10-2018, 11:19 AM)robkelk Wrote: [ -> ]...
"The new transfer student, Lelouch Lamperouge."

(See "Magnificent Bastard" and "Cartwright Curse".)

"Mr. Lamperouge... let me sum up how things are going to go here.  You will not scheme any schemes.  There will be no plots.  There is nothing here for you to overthrow or rebel against.  This is a democratically elected government, even if the sitting administration leaves many things to be desired.  At any rate, the wheels that will ensure his expulsion from office are in motion.  Slowly, but surely.

"And if I catch the slightest hint of you causing problems for us...  I will fuck you over personally, and with a vengeance.  And there will be no one for you to call on for aid, and no one for you to co-opt.  Because everyone here fucking knows better.  I know their characters, and I know yours.  And I can systematically destroy you.

"Do not fuck with me, Zero, or else I'll make you resemble that nom de guerre of yours.

"Oh, and just in case you think you can start shit without me noticing even though Belldandy has locked your Gease... Hild has personally lent me Senbee to keep an eye on you.  And let me assure you: despite his appearance, he is very good at surveillance.  And what's more, someone trying to mess with the established system calls out to him like bacon in a frying pan.

"And one final deterrent to add to that: if you do step out of line, once I am done with you Hild is going to want you as, and I quote, 'a shiny new toy.'  You do remember the saying that 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'?  Regardless of your end goal, Lelouche, you've already paved your road, and you've made it smooth, even, and very firmly packed down.  The only thing that's saving you right now is very literally Divine Intervention.  You're on Parole, ass hole.  Don't screw it up."

That's about how much I'd tolerate his ass.  Wink
Just two line.

"This is Yudkowsky. Who am I speaking with?"

"Greetings. I am an artificial lifeform and...." He looked down with that usual mild bemusement. "....the connection has terminated."