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Full Version: News From The Old: T-Rex Now Comes In Nifty Bite Size
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Meet Raptorex, "the king of thieves".

Apparently, the big thing is not that the T-Rex has a smaller cousin, but that this opens up all sorts of new reasons for the hilariously out of proportion
frontal limbs of everyone's favorite Tyrannosaur. It may be less that they were scavengers or whatever current theory was there, and more that the limbs
were merely vestigial because the T-Rex's development over the last hundred million years determined they were excess to requirements as the species grew
into the towering, carnivorous behemoth we all know and love.
"Oh, silver blade, forged in the depths of the beyond. Heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way. Lay
Heard this one on the radio. Described the basic body plan for Raptorex is that of a "mobile mouth" or a "shark on legs". And that being a
very successful model for a carnivore, simply scaled up and got bigger until you get the T.Rex.

Which made me think -of course- of "LAND SHARK!" ^_^

But it would NOT be funny if you were running from one. O_o


*knock knock*

"Who is it?"


DEATH is Certain. The hour, Uncertain...
Oh God... Kurisu, that soooo needs to be made into a one-panel throw-away gag! (^_^)


I was more afraid of showing age...

I remember seeing this skit on SNL many moons ago.
DEATH is Certain. The hour, Uncertain...