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[OOC-ish] PDF of my sidestories - robkelk - 10-02-2017

A little something for folks who like PDFs.

  • Page size 5.5"x8.5" (half a "Letter" sheet), 1.5cm margins.
  • Story titles in 14-point Century Gothic
  • Main text in 10-point Century Schoolbook, with 0.5cm first-line indents.
  • Monospaced text in 10-point Courier New

Do people like these settings? I know it's an old-fashioned font choice, but I like it.

Assuming I can update the attachment, I'll do so when I've written more stories. EDIT: Updated December 30, 2017.

EDIT: Oh, and I thought I'd make it a bit easier to find story threads... but I can only edit the first post in a thread if I'm the one who posted it.

RE: [OOC-ish] PDF of my sidestories - Black Aeronaut - 10-29-2017

It looks great, Rob.

What did you have in mind for making it easier to find story threads?

RE: [OOC-ish] PDF of my sidestories - robkelk - 10-29-2017

Icons in the thread subject lines. (Didn't you notice the stars?)

RE: [OOC-ish] PDF of my sidestories - Black Aeronaut - 10-30-2017

Oh! Okay. I'll get on that as soon as I get my moderator privileges back.

RE: [OOC-ish] PDF of my sidestories - robkelk - 12-30-2017

PDF Updated!