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Re: "Feed My Sheep" - Bob Schroeck - 01-12-2019

Oh, Chessybell, that's a great first story.  Now comes how we stitch it all into the grander tapestry...

First step in that, is, when in the timeline does this take place?

Second, obviously we're going to have a Redwall faction now; is the Catholic Church going to be a separate faction of its own?

The first implication that comes to my mind is that the Pope's put himself at odds with every country that doesn't like handwavium, and the social and political fallout from that is going to be fun to create and read.

Great work!  Keep it up!

RE: Re: "Feed My Sheep" - Norgarth - 01-13-2019

I assume you realize that by naming the place Redwall, you are likely to end up with animal based morphs from wavium contamination? 8)

RE: "Feed My Sheep" - Dartz - 02-04-2019

(01-12-2019, 11:20 PM)Bob Schroeck Wrote: Is the Catholic Church going to be a separate faction of its own?

That would be an ecumenical matter.

Is there anything to be had, for writing another story, Chessybell?

RE: Re: "Feed My Sheep" - Foxboy - 07-12-2019

Can I get a Link to the Fic?

RE: Re: "Feed My Sheep" - Dartz - 07-12-2019

T'is here, hidden in the fiction section.

RE: Re: "Feed My Sheep" - Foxboy - 07-12-2019

Thank you kindly.

RE: Re: "Feed My Sheep" - Star Ranger4 - 07-13-2019

You know I'm surprised that a) wev'e been playing with this so long, and b) we still have folk interested in all this.

As to the Abbey itself, yes, one can see from the subtexts here that eventually wherever the Abbey finally orbits it will become more an more a home for Catholic Anthropomorphics of all types. And I can easily see a savy pope choosing to grant dispensations to 'missionaries' to get them out into space by whatever means, to find and protect those children of the faith who have chosen this path; to remind them that their faith is still... Not really sure how to fill in that blank though.

HOWEVER, I could also see a plot line evolving later in the fenspace timeline where there is a schism between the members of the faith who claim the 'wave is a gift from god to his faithful and those who claim it is a tool of the devil to cleave the faithful from the way to god.

Really depends on how dark people want to go with this. To be honest, If someone was to write along this thread I'd prefer if they chose to use Murphy as a tool on the side of 'Ya'll can belive whichever, just don't go killin each other over it' (which would apply to ALL religiions really)