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Halloween pics - Norgarth - 10-28-2019

[Image: 5DTaVUL.jpg]
[Image: USWXZ7m.jpg]
[Image: K5G2JOe.jpg]
[Image: 2Qm6e4T.jpg]
[Image: aHRwNhP.jpg]
[Image: SlOCrM5.jpg]
[Image: iJ1EQoW.jpg]
[Image: gVP7Ppm.jpg]

RE: Halloween pics - Norgarth - 10-28-2019

[Image: qqsG1gT.jpg]
[Image: KJOlcSm.jpg]
[Image: JsYu2v6.jpg]
[Image: PrA1zpK.jpg]
[Image: a2OOQ9x.jpg]
[Image: SNOj6Jb.jpg]
[Image: ZuFH1ly.jpg]
[Image: RIA5QW3.jpg]

RE: Halloween pics - Norgarth - 10-28-2019

[Image: 4ka3Aml.jpg]
[Image: yn31cvh.jpg]
[Image: eiQGZId.jpg]
[Image: ElT2E22.jpg]
[Image: fplwsh1.png]
[Image: prjCq0T.jpg]
[Image: ZoQH2lP.jpg]
[Image: eLuXNbI.jpg]

RE: Halloween pics - classicdrogn - 10-28-2019

Got a good one from SV:

[Image: PkL7CHr.jpg]

I'd be more tempted to cut that side of the milk jug off entirely and have it narrow-end-down myself, but that square chin effect does have something going for it.Maybe make a wide jagged cut like a lack-o-lantern mouth across the bottom instead of just a mouth hole so it can move with your jaw?

RE: Halloween pics - classicdrogn - 10-28-2019

Continuing the jug-head theme, a few yarrs ago (five, apparently, not the two I thought) there was this, similar to what I suggested above:

[Image: S1nG02p.jpg]

That was using a big vinegar jug, BTW, and due to how I cut the eyeslits it actually had GREAT peripheral visison. A milk jug turns out to be a little too short to work properly in that orientation, though, and due to the eye holes being cut in the flat front it does block things a little more than the older design. Cutting a jack-o-lantern mouth (and lower eyes that the pic above so it's not mashing my nose) turned out to work pretty well, and a light spritz of candy orange automotive enamel plus a few minutes with a green Sharpie gave it some half-decent pumpkin colors too. Not the best photo, sadly, due to lighting conditions - I'll try again tomorrow with some natural light instead of the intentionally dim interior lights and always-crapifying camera flash. For now, though, here's a couple snaps of my Wink Gourdon Kopf costume.

Clicky for bigs.

[Image: yzms9cgh.jpg]

[Image: FoJpB9Ll.png]

As the lower jaw is doubling as a chin strap to hold the mask down in front, opening my mouth also makes the mask's jaw move. You can see the difference between this shot and the full-body one above.

RE: Halloween pics - classicdrogn - 10-29-2019

New photo, on the spoopy side of the shed and holding my most stickedy stick:

[Image: rhat741l.jpg]

And for the record, even with just shorts on my legs underneath, DAMN this is hot, with a wool robe over a long sleeve knit top and a balaclava under the mask and a hood over that. It's only 60 degrees (~16C) out and I was still broiling before I'd even finished getting everything on, let alone after ten minutes of posing for the dozen snaps we actually took.

RE: Halloween pics - Norgarth - 10-31-2019

[Image: u0ATpNW.png]
[Image: NP7gKUW.jpg]
[Image: LOBNAxN.jpg]
[Image: I2eWR45.png]
[Image: hTBsrHr.jpg]
[Image: VnbM0oY.png]
[Image: Kd4iHYu.jpg]
[Image: No80Hbl.jpg]
[Image: FcYEqi7.jpg]

RE: Halloween pics - robkelk - 11-02-2019

The best Canadian celebrity Halloween costumes of 2019

RE: Halloween pics - Norgarth - 11-02-2019

Work lets us us dress up for Halloween, this year I was a 'French Taunter' (from Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail' (I was the Spaceball shown above last year)
[Image: OTPNdnQ.jpg]
[Image: s7cLk6g.jpg]