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Doorstopper - robkelk - 01-19-2020

I was pretty sure that DW already qualified for the "Doorstopper" page on All The Tropes. I was all set to list the story, until I saw that fan works are divided by length... so I had to go count words.

Good thing Notepad++ tells me how many lines or characters are in a file. So... copy the text (not the titles, credits, formatting, or page dress) from the chapter pages on Bob's website, strip out the leading and trailing blanks and the blank lines, then replace each space with a newline. That isn't be exact (each dash get its own line, for example), but it's close enough to "one line = one word" for private sector work.*

Add up the number of lines, plug the numbers into a readable paragraph, and here's what I just added to ATT:

Quote:''Drunkard's Walk II'' is complete at just over 320k words, and ''Drunkard's Walk V'' is complete at just over 171k words. As of December 2019, ''Drunkard's Walk S'', ''Drunkard's Walk VIII'', and ''Drunkard's Walk XIII'' were still in progress: ''S'' at about 42.5k words in 2 chapters, ''VIII'' at 116.8k words in 4 chapters, and ''XIII'' at 23k words in one chapter. The other nine arcs do not have any published chapters as of December 2019, but there are five "Steplets" with 7.3k words between them. And none of these numbers include the various concordances. So... one story in many arcs, over have of which are completely unpublished, with over 680k words so far in what has seen the light of day.

And that doesn't include anything that Bob wrote and posted only on the forums... or is only in the devfile and hasn't been sent to the prereaders.

Bob, the story needs another 70,000 words to get into the next section, and another 250,000 words after that to qualify as a Really Big Work. But you still have eight arcs with nothing published...

*: Government work would need to be more precise.

RE: Doorstopper - Bob Schroeck - 01-19-2020

Note the (in progress) size of DW-S chapter 3... <grin>

RE: Doorstopper - Star Ranger4 - 01-19-2020

Yeah. still hoping against hope You will chose to split that and publish, Bob. cause... um... I could use some Looney Toons to offset my current agnst.

RE: Doorstopper - robkelk - 01-19-2020

(01-19-2020, 06:57 PM)Bob Schroeck Wrote: Note the (in progress) size of DW-S chapter 3...  <grin>

Assuming an average of seven letters per word, that's halfway to the next threshold... and the other two chapters on the status board should get you the rest of the way.

Now you just need to write another quarter-million words... Smile

RE: Doorstopper - Bob Schroeck - 01-21-2020

DW8-5 shouldn't be too much of a problem in that regard, but DW13 is stalled until I either get Helen to start writing again, or take it over entirely myself.

RE: Doorstopper - Star Ranger4 - 01-21-2020

Based on what I was taught in high school, and at later so called functiuonal rehab training, as far as typewritten words per seond, a word is five keystrokes, not seven, Rob?

RE: Doorstopper - Bob Schroeck - 01-21-2020

Five letters plus a space, so six -- at least according to my high school typing class.

RE: Doorstopper - classicdrogn - 01-21-2020

Guessing large is the worse case in this situation, so by counting them at seven letters it's managing expectations. It also depends on writing style quite a bit, I'd imagine. Grabbing around half of DW2-6 just now and dropping it into LibreOffice to use the word counter, I get 12,649 words with 59,097 characters excluding spaces, which does indeed look pretty close to five letters on average. 4.67, to be precise, so yeah. Actual results should be higher by up to around a third.

RE: Doorstopper - robkelk - 01-21-2020

Exactly - estimate on the pessimistic side and be pleasantly surprised when the actual results come in to your advantage.

RE: Doorstopper - Star Ranger4 - 01-21-2020

a point of order... five KEYSTROKES includes spaces. or at least so I was taught during the appropriate period? the only thing that counted against it was actual keystroke errors, since at that time one had to backspace, strike out the wrong letter (we are talking Selectric Era tech here, folk. Not remotely modern word processors) and correct it, or retype the whole (deleted) page?

Cause... um yeah. I am just that old, along with Gryphon from Undocumented features or Bob Schroeck. (though at the moment I think both of them are 5-10 years older than I am????)

RE: Doorstopper - Bob Schroeck - 01-21-2020

I'll be 58 in June. Gryphon's about ten years younger than me, +/- a couple years.

RE: Doorstopper - Star Ranger4 - 01-21-2020

holy schnike Bob.  that makes me only 3 years younger than you!

cause, um... yeah.  DisneyLAND (the one here in Anaheim, less than an hour from me) was celebrating its 10th anniversary when I was born?

RE: Doorstopper - robkelk - 01-21-2020

I shan't say how old I am, other than to say (1) I learned to type on a manual typewriter, and (2) I'm so close to retirement that my pension is now vested.

RE: Doorstopper - Star Ranger4 - 01-21-2020

*thhhhbt* Depending on who you ask I was 'vested' years ago Rob.

*keeps rolling around on the floor laughing*

RE: Doorstopper - hazard - 01-21-2020

Geez, am I the youngest here?

I mean, when I was born the Berlin Wall still stood. When I first went to elementary school, it had fallen.

RE: Doorstopper - Star Ranger4 - 01-21-2020

You just might be, Hazard. I remember when I felt like you, and I am glad I might have the chance to hand this particular title off?

RE: Doorstopper - Bob Schroeck - 01-22-2020

It is kind of sad that we don't seem to have a younger element to the board population. (Or if we do, they're not very vocal.)

RE: Doorstopper - Labster - 01-22-2020

Us younger crowd are too busy TikToking our Instagrams.

I am two years older than the Azumanga Daioh cohort would be today.  Or, based on the manga, one year older than Sana Kurata.

So not really that young.

RE: Doorstopper - NifT - 01-22-2020

Don't know that I'd really consider myself young per se, but I'm definitely younger than several of you. Turning 39 in about a month and a half. I do consider myself one of the "not very vocal" population, tho Tongue

RE: Doorstopper - Bob Schroeck - 01-22-2020

(01-22-2020, 03:44 PM)Labster Wrote: I am two years older than the Azumanga Daioh cohort would be today.  Or, based on the manga, one year older than Sana Kurata.

So not really that young.

I think it's probably a contributing factor that many of our favorite properties here are comparatively old -- for example, Tenchi and Ranma would both be in their late 40s now, and Usagi Tsukino would be 41... (although in the latter case, the earth would be in a deep freeze and she'd be either outside time or in hibernation depending on how you take your canon, and wouldn't age anyway).  Likewise Buffy Summers and most of her contemporaries would just be cresting 40.

RE: Doorstopper - Niteflier - 01-22-2020

Same, only mid 30s here.

RE: Doorstopper - robkelk - 01-22-2020

(01-22-2020, 04:40 PM)Niteflier Wrote: Same, only mid 30s here.
Durned kid! Get off my lawn!

What do you mean, "it's Bob's lawn"?

Big Grin

RE: Doorstopper - hazard - 01-22-2020

Also, Bob offered us a standing invitation so long as we behaved, including you old folk. On pain of him personally tossing you out and I've seen the thing he calls a banhammer lying around.

RE: Doorstopper - Norgarth - 01-23-2020

Mid 40s for me.

RE: Doorstopper - Star Ranger4 - 01-23-2020

(01-22-2020, 06:41 PM)robkelk Wrote: What do you mean, "it's Bob's lawn"?

Big Grin

mmm... Not sure I should follow up on that Rob.  *thhhbbbt*