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[Open] A few Dates with a Firefighter. - Dartz - 12-29-2020

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Subj: A few Dates with a Firefighter.

Frigga is almost unique in Fenspace that we have an actual working Fire Brigade. 6th Platoon Frigga SAM train regularly as Friefighters, Rescue Workers and as Paramedics. Of course, it's heavy work, requiring a high degree of physical fitness. The Brigade requires a standard of fitness well above that of the regular SAM.

This leads us on to topic at hand - the First annual Friggan Firefighter's Calender.

Yes it is a little objectifying isn't it? But, it's all in a good cause and I'm sure there's something for everyone to enjoy in there.

Proceeds will be donated to the Nikaido Foundation.

You may order yours here

Now if you'll excuse me, the first test printing has arrived and I'll need some time alone to inspect to results in detail.


RE: [Open] A few Dates with a Firefighter. - ckosacranoid - 01-11-2021


OK then.......