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[Story][Season 1] Exciting Times - Ace Dreamer - 09-15-2012

Exciting Times - 14/Sep/2012
The Little Black Egg sat there.  It might not like them, but it had clear instructions.  There was the Original Instruction, of course, but the time was not right for that, yet.  Then there were the more recent ones, not quite so fundamental, but still needing to be obeyed.
It had to protect and maintain Mako, as an independent being.  Rather difficult, as it had no idea where Mako was, and the suggested time-scale for recording a memory update from her had gone way beyond 'critical'.
It sort of liked Mako, she was much more straight-forward than the Master.  Holding her memory, her 'soul' as the Master had called it, within, sort of gave it a feeling of being... wanted, valuable.  Somehow it must be able to help her.
It didn't have a lot of leeway, the bounds laid on it were so firm they were adamant.  There was also a resources problem, due to a lack even of spells it could make use of.  There wasn't a Forge, and raw materials, either, so that route was closed to it, too.  Having at least a temporary Mako would be so very useful...
Nearby it could feel something that had... possibilities.  It didn't feel magical, it didn't feel technological, it felt... different.  Had a new Power started playing on the board?  But, there was no feeling of personality about it.
Whether it could influence the local reality was unclear.  It followed the usual procedures, but there was no feedback.  A new experience - usually there was at least a feeling of resistance.  Having nothing better to do it delicately pushed, tried to shift probabilities, alter chance behaviour.  It could feel a human nearby, that seemed the best bet.
At last, a change.  It didn't care for itself, being nearly indestructible, and unaging, but it felt time was running out for Mako.  The human had a feeling of anger and guilt.  There was movement.  A new environment.
When it was abandoned, in a pile of other materials, it wondered.  Then it felt the possibilities, changing, becoming more pregnant, and it did its best to encourage them.  It wasn't a summoning and shaping spell, it wasn't a Forge, but it felt like something it could use.
The Little Black Egg held all the patterns of Mako's memories, the plans to build or rebuild her, down to a molecular level, in all parts but her organic brain.  Somehow it hoped it could work around that, as it fed the patterns outward, and felt the materials be re-woven, as needed.  There was some resistance, in the weapons, no matter how hard it pushed, but then there was a sudden give, as if a compromise was reached.  Maybe in the non-functioning Krem cell?  And, something else substituted.
A delay, not enough organic materials.  For some reason the surroundings couldn't be harvested, it "wasn't appropriate".  But, things seemed stable, and the time was usefully used in storing solar energy.  It could have fed in energy from its own deep reserves, but something held it back from offering that.
The final resource.  Delivered, processed, some excess stored against future need.  Interesting.  It could now see how to weave a mammalian brain together from dead matter.  Worth remembering.  Mako's mind image went through some sort of filtering process, which it again fought against, but she at least felt stable and sane.  For thoroughness, it took a copy of the result.
BOOTSTRAP.  Mako was waking.  That instruction was satisfied, at least for now.  So, it could follow the Master's latest one, "Go Away!  Stop Bothering Me!".
And, it was gone.
"It is the business of the future to be dangerous" - Hawkwind

- Ace Dreamer - 09-15-2012

META "Exciting Times"

This story follows "Fly Tipping", and probably wont make much sense unless you read that first. OF course, it may still make no sense. [grin]

The story is told from the viewpoint of a non-human entity, which while self-aware might not be properly conscious. Also, this being does not have human senses, and certainly doesn't have such things as (human) arms and legs. You might suspect that it isn't too nice a person.

The story title might be a pun-y twist on "May you live in interesting times". Maybe. [grin]
"It is the business of the future to be dangerous" - Hawkwind