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F-SOG (RFC) - Rajvik - 06-03-2013

alright i finally got it typed up and ready, thoughts.
Fenspace Special Operations Group
Affiliation: Operation Great Justice
Purpose: Undercover Intelligence and direct action operations, planning and liaison work
In the wake of the debacle that was the battle for “Jusenkyou” and as the Panzer Kunst were recovering from their injuries James “Wolfboy” Bostwick took a page from his own country’s history and put together a proposal for a special operations and liaison group for use by OGJ. Like the Joint Special Operations Command was born from the disaster at “Desert One” during the 144 day Iranian Hostage Situation, James wanted a group that would pick from available OGJ forces and be tasked with coordinating and planning the operations. Furthermore, James wanted to keep a pair of “up” teams for operational immediate situations where limited intelligence was available. The persons used in the two up teams would have two requirements;
1-Military experience. - The persons on the up teams would require verifiable non-fen military or police SWAT experience or (in later years) military grade training in special operations, military police, intelligence and guerilla operations.
2-Volunteers. – The up teams would be all volunteer with current security clearances, (post boskone war these teams would count toward their faction’s reserve requirement to OGJ)
Along with planning future operations and immediate scramble situations the teams would also be the conduits to their respective factions for the flow of intelligence as well as analysis of planned and scramble operations for use in training for future situations.
“In short ladies and gentlemen, the proposed unit would be able to provide combined training to all factions as well as a flexible unit similar to F-SWAT for Operation Great Justice. This is in addition to spreading information to all factions without flooding them with data. It would also provide a backup for F-SWAT should they need it, and a heavier hammer than F-SWAT should that be deemed necessary.” This was the argument of James Bostwick before the Fenspace Convention and the head of OGJ Haruhi Suzumiya not long before the assault on Boskone Prime.
James personally feels that the lack of a unit like this is, or more accurately a group with this kind of training is what caused all the losses, (and not the fact that the boskones were waiting for a group to come in after the Panzer Kunst) to his two platoons of colonial marines and Jet Jaguar’s Panzer Kunst group in Jusenkyou.  

- Dartz - 06-04-2013

---- F-SOG can also be called in to support Troubleshooters of OF-7 clearances and above, as necessary - usually to arrange an emergency extraction on very short notice.

Might make a nice addition to the GJ page, as is. Would need more expansion to be it's own thing.
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- ECSNorway - 06-05-2013

A couple of associated characters, drawn from the CITD bits.

Seong Hyun-ae: A former North Korean intelligence agent, Hyun-ae was second in command of the security team for the Norks' handwavium research facility. When she learned just how badly the idea of her government playing around with the stuff scared Certain Western Powers, she decided to remove the temptation in order to save her country. The result left her rather haphazardly (due to limited time) handwaved Hind in a chase with fighter planes from six countries (North Korea, South Korea, Japan, the USA, Russia, and China) until she managed to get out of the atmosphere. There, about to be picked up by a rescue ship from InsertFactionHere (Stellvia, Roughriders, Greenwood, maybe even Tom Dodge or someone), she set a demolition charge to destroy the chopper and bailed out.

Contamination from the handwavium spray-job (and a few bits of shrapnel from the exploding helicopter) left her hospitalized for several days after her rescue. She awoke to find herself with a minor biomod - she can, with some conscious effort, rearrange muscle and body structure as well as change surface color and other aspects of her appearance. (She's at the low end of what Potterites would call a Metamorphagus, although she cannot alter her bone structure. She is currently practicing mimicking tattoos, and is somewhat embarrassed that without a deliberately-imposed change her new 'default' appearance seems to be a blue-haired space elf.)

Before she could even begin to master this new ability, however, Hyun-ae found herself at a loss for future plans. Her escape had been made and her country was safe, but she could never return there. She was in the midst of researching the various factions to find one that might best suit her when she was approached by Ultra-Commander Haruhi, who needed a trained agent to infiltrate a Boskone supply route and trace down one of their bases.

She hasn't looked back since.

Personality: Seong Hyun-ae did not rise to be a Captain in North Korean Intelligence by being bubbly, cheerful, and kind. She is, however, quite capable of pretending to be any of these. When on-mission, she is calculating, pragmatic, and ruthless. This, apparently, is just as much a mask as any other for her. Most people who know her think they've gotten through to the "real" Seong Hyun-ae... sometimes it seems like each of them knows an entirely different person.

The one common thread among the personae she presents seems to be that of a patriot. She has consistently kept one part of her self-identity the same - she always has been, and always will be, Korean, no matter where she ends up.

She is fond of elegant, fashionable clothes, especially traditional Korean fashions. She is also very fond of sharp things, things that go boom, and ships that fly fast and agile. Her personal vehicle is, in fact, another Hind, this one purchased from Russian military-surplus grey-market dealers and given a much more professional 'wave job. (She appears to have been inspired by the American television show 'Airwolf' in the redesign of the helicopter.) In one of the several civilian identities she maintains, she leads a small Korean cultural club on InsertStationHere.
Sucrose Octanitrate.
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- ECSNorway - 06-06-2013

"Michael Westen": 'Michael Westen' is the primary alias which F-SOG knows this man by. His true identity is unknown, but (thanks to his amusement when jokes about the TV series are made) F-SOG members are fairly certain that this is not it. It is simply the one he prefers to use when working in cooperation with Fen. 'Westen' is almost certainly an American citizen, probably from the Florida area, and has extensive military experience. It is believed that he most likely served with the US Army or Marine Corps. He has demonstrated proficiency with small arms, crew-served weapons, helicopter and fixed-wing piloting, small electronics, and demolitions.

'Westen' first became involved with the Fen during the early phases of the Boskone conflicts, having been among several passengers on a hijacked transport vessel. He had apparently been in the middle of rescuing himself and his fellow passengers when the Roughriders/Senshi team boarded the ship and finished the job. He appeared on several other occasions throughout the war, almost always in areas where civilians where in danger and in need of rescue.

While his true identity remains a secret, the hearings at the end of the conflict appear to confirm that 'Westen' is an independent contractor who was operating on behalf of the United States CIA at the time. It is believed that they remain his patron to this day, and he has appeared on two occasions as a liaison between American intelligence operations and F-SOG in the years since.
Sucrose Octanitrate.
Proof positive that with sufficient motivation, you can make anything explode.

- ECSNorway - 06-13-2014

Minor Necro for amusing proposal.

Especially for CITD.

The official uniform for FSOG should be a snow-white linen business suit. No logos, medals, or other adornments, except possibly a lapel pin.
Panama hat and rosewood cane optional, eyepatches contraindicated unless medically prescribed.

Because you can tell we're the good guys. We wear white hats.
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- robkelk - 06-14-2014

Since it's been necro'd... How is this different from Section Six?
Rob Kelk
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- Rajvik - 06-15-2014

There are two distinct differences between FSWAT (section 6) and FSOG. First is that fswat is space patrol and thus more interested in capturing their targets than fsog would normally be. FSOG is there primarily as a bigger hammer for FSWAT to call on at need and to deal with boskone heavy defenses. Second major difference is that FSOG has their own intel shop. As the initial write up hints they are to OGJ what the Joint Special Operations Command is to the US military where FSWAT are police with slightly more advanced training and equipment compared to your average patrolman.

Ecs, I can agree to that though I think field uniform should be faction specific or shadowrunner chic.

- ECSNorway - 06-15-2014

Also, FSWAT is Fen-only, while F-SOG is a joint op with the 'Daneside.

And yeah, -field- uniform would be op-specific, I was thinking more dress uniforms.
Per discussion in IRC, -mess- dress, or Class-A's, or whatever we want to formally call the "ceremonial regalia", would involve a white tuxedo. James Bond meets Archangel....
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- ECSNorway - 10-09-2016

Bit of a necro, but what the hell.

"There is considerable speculation over the actual identity of the Spetsnaz veteran known to Fen only by the codename of "Shimura Danzo". Clearly of Russo-Japanese extraction, his accent in casual conversation places him from somewhere in the Kamchatka peninsula, but he is a capable mimic and can speak like a Moscow - or Tokyo - native with ease. He has supported F-SOG operations on several occasions, most notably during the Boskone Prime raid of 20XX. His codename was tagged by the Ninja, naturally, and he appears to have several acquaintances among their leadership including the Hoshikage. Rumor claims that a Handwavium accident left him with an eidetic memory and kinesiological sense, others claim that this is the result of deliberate cybernetic augmentation by FSB 'wave-research teams. Needless to say he is not answering questions on the matter...."
Sucrose Octanitrate.
Proof positive that with sufficient motivation, you can make anything explode.