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Fenspace Wiki - Bob Schroeck - 09-21-2016

It occurred to me that we needed to pin a link to the wiki at the top of the board, for the convenience of new folks, which we still get every once in a while.

So, New Folks, there is a single centralized resource which catalogues much, although perhaps not all, of Fenspace's important people, places and things -- and more importantly, many of the stories that helped shape it into what it is.  Gentlemen, behold!  I give you... the FenWiki.

-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.

RE: Fenspace Wiki - Dartz - 01-05-2020

And there go the lights...

The Wiki's down and gone to sleep.

EDIT: Ah - no - HTTPS Everywhere had defaulted to trying to access https://www.fenspace.net and Sandwich spat back the No Such Site address. Fenspace.net is http only.