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Arc 177536: Skulls Initiation - Matrix Dragon - 05-17-2009

Designed to work with low level characters, capable of solo play, and only a handful of minion customs.

The Skulls twisted death cult requires their recruits to earn their place with murder, and it falls to you to stop it.

Skulls - Rev Dark - 05-17-2009

I ran through this with Bella this morning.

Well done.

This is a great arc, short, focused and fun. I like how you have taken an often underplayed element of the skull gang and brought it fully into the light;
grim but necessary. I particularly liked your tough detective going on about 'wearing the evidence' and the way the skull recruits rolled over and
showed their bellies when the beat down occurred.

- Matrix Dragon - 05-18-2009

Well, I logged on to make a quick check, and was floored when I checked my badge counter. Twenty-four people have played my mission... since last night o_O

- Acyl - 05-18-2009

There aren't many lowbie-friendly arcs - this may be a factor. Especially since a lot of folks are turning to the MA because they've done all the
lowbie content a million times already...
-- Acyl

- Matrix Dragon - 05-18-2009

You're probably right about that, which makes the fact I'm already planning another Low level arc rather satisfying :LOL

- Niteflier - 05-18-2009

... Its good. Very good.

Gonna have to unpublish my little comedy Skulls mission. I just can't really have it after playing this..

- Matrix Dragon - 05-18-2009

I made the Skulls too creepy?

- Niteflier - 05-18-2009

No, its more the *realism* of it. I can readily see the Skulls doing this. That makes me feel like my comedy version of the Skulls just doesn't add up...