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The Great Cow Race of 2003 - Happerry - 05-13-2006

The Great Cow Race of 2003
By Maurice Lane
Additional Bad Ideas by Jaymiel

Re: The Great Cow Race of 2003 - Stephen Mann - 05-14-2006

Holy Christ, that's funny!

Re: The Great Cow Race of 2003 - Bob Schroeck - 05-15-2006

That it is; if that's the site I'm thinking of, there's a whole lot of funny there.

-- Bob
For Jor-El so loved the Earth, he sent his only begotten son...

Re: The Great Cow Race of 2003 - The Hunterminator - 06-27-2006

I barely know anything about In Nomine and I get the urge to roleplay that. Why must all the zanniest opportunities be for RPGs that I never played?

- Proginoskes - 01-29-2013

*blows dust off thread*
I was browsing around on that website, and I came across something in the "Artifacts" section: the Lepid Gun. To quote the page:
Quote:It's odd to say this about any item of Vaputech, but
the Lepid Gun is honestly a work both of art and of craftsmanship - even if it was
made by the Baroque Weapons Division (motto: "For all your Evil Mastermind
needs").... In short, this gun is functional, reliable, and really, really pretty.
It's a shame that it can only fire dead bugs.
It then goes on to describe the two kinds of ammunition (actually undead bugs: bloodthirsty butterflies with razor-sharp wings, and Essence-sucking ticks). I was tempted to put this in the DW5 forum, though, because the first thing I thought when I read it was "That would drive Skuld nuts if it could be modified to fire System Bugs..."