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[Gazeteer] The Port Phobos Fleet Museum
RE: [Gazeteer] The Port Phobos Fleet Museum
*pokes his head in again*


(07-22-2018, 05:50 PM)Dartz Wrote: SS Yeager
Blackbird Class Vessel. One of the original production run. Retired from military service shortly after the Boskone War - she served as a training and research vessel for the next 6 years before being flown to the museum and permanently moored.

She is the only exhibit that is still regularly flying on the Warbird circuit at air and space shows, drumming up support for the museum.

At the SS Yeager exhibit there stood a simple plinth.  On it was a plaque that read:

Founder of The Rough Riders
and Black Aeronaut Technologies
Recorded at the SS Yeager exhibit dedication

Above it, there was hologram of a vigorously middle-aged version of Benjamin, pacing around in place as he could never stand in one spot while speaking.

"Blackbirds," said Ben, shaking his head wryly.  "You don't pick the Blackbird.  The Blackbird picks you.  You have to understand, these aren't just ships.  They're thinking living beings.  Each one has a unique voice and a unique personality.  And each one embodies the spirit of America.  Not that 'Murrica! garbage.  We're talking about The Constitution and the Bill of Rights here.  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  E pluribus unum.  Faith and trust - that especially!

"The reason why you don't pick the Blackbird is simple.  She is placing you in a great degree of trust in letting you take her controls and let your will override hers.  Our own program for Sled Drivers has a ninety percent washout rate.  It's not a black mark against anyone, and they're free to try again and again.  But the simple fact of the matter is that in the end, it's not about ability or skill or some superhuman ace-class handwavium quirk.  It's all about trust.

"They're really not unlike the American Wild Mustangs.  Free, untamed, and proud.  You have to build trust with them before one will go with you.  And when you gain their love and trust, they will do things no other ship will do in your wildest imagination.

"That free spirited nature is why the SS Yeager is not only still around, but still flying to this day.  Despite all she's been through, she still loves to fly, even if she needs to be careful about stressing her spaceframe.  And she will keep on flying until the day something breaks that the BAT Heritage Fleet technicians and engineers are not able to fix.

"The thing most people don't know, though, is that each and every Blackbird is like a daughter to me.  I am there, personally, for every Blackbird that is awakened.  Every one of them carries a little bit of me with them.  And like any good father, I let them go out and live their lives.  Those of you who gain their trust must remember always: it's not only they who trust you.  I am trusting you with one of my precious girls."

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